Ripple’s Strategic Steps To Make Them A Household Name

Ripple’s Strategic Steps To Make Them A Household Name

Philip Nunn in a recent statement made on Twitter likened XRP cryptocurrency alongside its underlying technology, the Ripple network to Microsoft of today. Therefore, he believes that the action exhibited by the development team of recent, the Ripple Labs, is strategically placing the platform right at the center of everyone’s heart which could, in turn, make the technology dominate the market.

The Reason Behind His Assertion

Philip Nunn, who is the CEO of two multinational companies, The Blackmore Group and Wealth Chain Group in his latest statement made via Twitter credits Ripple, even though he says he’s not a supporter of the technology from its inception because of its highly centralised nature.
Nunn’s tweet reads thus;
“I’ve never been a supporter of #ripple $xrp
But boy they are making some serious moves. And the fact I have issues with their offering is being put aside for now as they become so important in flying the #crypto #blockchain flag
They will become the Microsoft of #crypto.”
When further asked by Business Cloud, a UK-based media outlet on his reasons behind his assertion, he mentioned the fact that no one needs to love them, but their timely moves in the cryptocurrency industry will drive them right up the ladder.
Similarly, when comparing the giants of the tech world; Microsoft, Apple, and likes. Philip noted that while many may argue about its flaws, saying Microsoft’s products are “substandard” and “clunky”, he believes the firm’s genius founder, Bill Gates’ timely moves into the market while pushing for adoption while everyone else was trying to build a perfect product has made the brand what it is today.
Philip Nunn further noted that “the next wave of crypto is about adoption.” Reiterating that those who will focus on that “will succeed and those who don’t will fail.”
Ripple has in recent times been partnering with few top fintech companies and also has earned the trust of a good number of financial institutions adopting its xRapid’s system for more convenient and super fast global transactions which is able to improve the services these institutions render to their customers.