Ripple Whale Alert – Billions of XRP on the Move Amidst Market Volatility

Ripple Whale Alert - Billions of XRP on the Move Amidst Market Volatility

Monitoring huge transactions is something that is made rather easy by the blockchain. Crypto whale watching is becoming an industry of its own and dozens if not hundreds of accounts are popping up on social media for this exact purpose.

The movement of large volumes of value can impact the markets in a big way, and people want this information as fast as possible. What adds to the intrigue of crypto whales is the mystery attached to them. If their identities don’t come to light right away, wild theories on just who they are usually starting to surface.

Whale Alert is one of these live trackers that tweets big time crypto transactions to and from wallets and exchanges. On their Twitter account @whale_alert uses a red light emoji to illustrate the size of the whale. The more red lights, the bigger the whale.

A couple of hundred million dollars XRP whales put Twitter on alert level 10 today.

First, @whale_alert let us know about this big shot.

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And not too long after, this one.

About a month ago XRP was noted to be moving in similar huge amounts. While the amount moved in such little time for so cheap a price is impressive, many are wondering why so much XRP is being moved. Ripple owns 60% of the supply of XRP so when huge amounts of the digital asset are on the move, it causes a lot of questions to arise.

The cryptocurrency space is quick to question the centralized nature of any given asset, and in this case, make comparisons to the more decentralized Bitcoin.

When all is visible on the public blockchain, the movement of money will be an increasingly bigger topic.