Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse On Bitcoin and XRP – “Institutional Investor Interest Is Skyrocketing”

Crypto Community Sees Mixed Reactions as The IMF ‘Shills’ Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP

The crypto market has been rapidly growing of late, with top cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum breaking new feats. In line with that, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse affirms the obvious truth that institutional investor interest in cryptocurrencies is on the increase. He calls Bitcoin a real store of value and a hedge against inflation. He also glorifies XRP, saying its speed, cost, and scalability make it a useful payment method.

Crypto On The Rise as Institutions Pick Interest

Brad Garlinghouse seems pleased by current happenings in the crypto market. In a recent tweet, Brad affirms that institutional investors’ interest in cryptocurrencies is skyrocketing as they now see it as utilities that can be applicable to the real world.

On several occasions, Brad has nailed bitcoin in the past but now sees BTC as a solid store of value that’s extremely useful to hedge against inflation.

He went further to praise XRP, noting that it’s fast when used in transactions, highly scalable, and relatively cheap to serve as a payment means.

Garlinghouse concluded by calling on regulators to recognize the potentials of these technologies and provide a level playing ground for participants in the industry.


Ripple Exit From The U.S. To Boost XRP’s Use

Currently, Ripple seems to be facing some adoption hurdles. The company believes this problem is a result of an uncertain regulatory framework in the U.S.

Solving this problem, Brad Garlinghoue looks at moving to the U.K. He says this move will be advantageous to the company as the region seems to have a clearer regulatory framework than that of the U.S.

As believed by many, this move may drastically improve Ripple’s financial product’s adoption while also having a positive impact on the value of the XRP coin.