Richverse’s $RIV attains a successful 2700% community presale amount on BitCoke

Richverse’s $RIV attains a successful 2700% community presale amount on BitCoke

When we’re talking about cryptocurrencies for presale, the hypes rarely turn into any significant sales results. Richverse’s governance token $RIV has achieved the aforementioned milestone whilst in the very first week of its presale.

As of now, the total amount of tokens purchased during Richverse’s $RIV pre-IEO community public sale on BitCoke has exceeded 27 times more than anticipated, with sales of more than 910k USDT worth of RIV tokens, meaning that 2% of the total supply has been fully distributed.

The success of the $RIV presale is coupled with the growth in both BitCoke Exchange and Richverse’s expansion into the Web3 industry. With Richverse 1.0 project Genesis being its commitment and dedication to the future of the Web3 metaverse, it makes sense to see why the project has garnered the attention it has.

About $RIV

$RIV, as the governance token used for NFT assets, will issue a total amount of 200 billion. While continuously releasing $RIV tokens to the market, the team will ensure its long-term value. That’s why Richverse determines the amount of RIV tokens to release based on both the platform’s monthly revenue and an algorithm that floats within a set range. 

The release quantity will be adjusted annually, with up to 1,500,000,000 tokens released per month in the first year. After which the release quantity will be reduced with a decay coefficient of (8%+n%) starting from the second year. According to the mathematical model, the annual release quantity will be up to 4,000,000 in the fifth year, and the annual release quantity shall be maintained at 12,239,000,000 in the tenth year.


More information on the $RIV token can be found here.

Join the community public sale here on BitCoke Exchange.

About Richverse

Richverse is the world’s first SocialFi web3.0 project driven by XR technology, initiated by technical experts from Harvard and MIT. It aims to build a social network powered by XR technology and community autonomy, a Web3.0 project integrating GameFi, NFT aggregation transactions, and SocialFi.

In the early stage, Richverse is developing two Web3 projects simultaneously, which are Genesis and Find Me.




$RIV community public sale: