“One of Those Days” Webcomic Creators Launch XOXO NFT Collection


The couple that created the WebComic “One of Those Days“, Maya and Yehuda Devir, is launching an NFT collection known as XOXO. The revolutionary NFT collection is to launch soon and will challenge how NFT collections work.

The couple has often portrayed their everyday life in a fun and honest way, from when they were younger to now that they are older with children. With a community of over 9 million fans worldwide who follow the couple on different social media platforms, the couple has published five books on Amazon.

They have also been part of dozens of comics and design conventions globally, held TEDx lectures, received the YouTube silver creators award, won the “Most Creative Content Makers” at the INFLOW GLOBAL Summit 2019 Award, introduced an online course for aspiring artists, and content makers, and made a successful documentary series, named “The Heartists“, where they present a week in their creative lives. 

Their launch into the NFT space is a new territory that will significantly contribute to the growth of the industry. 

“Our XOXO collection will bring added value to the non-fungible token industry as their collection will do things never tried before and break the rules of how NFT collections “should” work. From a very early stage in our career, we understood that our real strength is our audience. They changed our lives, they made us who we are today. Now it’s our time to return them a favor and create for them a digital asset with a potentially unlimited value that can change their lives, exactly like they changed ours”. Maya Devir said.


The XOXO collection will feature two characters that will alternate along with the collection. They will emphasize the need for relationships and love and will cover many themes of humor, fantasy, realism, and even darkness. Each piece in the collection will contain high-quality art from the couple in addition to a story, and philosophy about relationships.  

Users will not need NFT knowledge to be able to connect with the stories told or to appreciate the art. There will be 101 unique couples and spans 10,101 pairs of NFTs. There is a dedicated story to each couple that has various levels of rarity.

The collection also offers users various levels of utility, including Priority access to convention tickets.

  • Special guests of Maya & Yehuda in future global comic events.
  • Books and merch from their successful comics “One of Those Days”.
  • High-quality art supplies, hand-picked by the artists.
  • Exclusive fan art collaborations.
  • Online private courses with Maya and Yehuda.
  • An all-inclusive meetup with a lucky fan and much more to come.

One of the major goals of the project is to give back to their fans and sponsors of many years through a digital medium that transcends borders, genders, nationalities, and ages.