ReserveBlock Foundation To Release Its RBX Network Masternodes And A Presale In The Coming Days

ReserveBlock Foundation To Release Its RBX Network Masternodes And A Presale In The Coming Days

ReserveBlock Foundation (RBX Network) is delighted to announce its network Masternode information release dates.

As per the announcement, the release will be done with a presale scheduled to begin on February 22, 2022, at 12 pm EST. Notably, ReserveBlock plans to make the Matsernode information and install documentation available to users by February 11 through its website and Discord community.

Following the release, users may choose to become a Masternode on the network after downloading the core desktop RBX wallet and acquiring the minimum RBX standards on the presale. Each node holder will enjoy numerous benefits, including many NFT wallet features, governance, and tools. These holders will also earn block rewards, specifically per the RBX networks halving schedule.

In addition, each node holder will receive a special limited edition NFT badge identifier. These badges will be hard-coded on the network and will be traceable upon the launch of the network’s Mainnet, which will take place by the end of Q1, 22.

Notably, all nodes on the network passively earn robust block rewards while verifying transactions and are agnostic to the operating system. Importantly, all nodes earn rewards by holding the minimum RBX requirements liquid staking to the network through the core wallet. Importantly for users, all nodes are free to stake or unstake anytime since they do not have a predefined holding period, penalties, and fees.  


For the presale, users will generate an address and connect it with their existing Metamask and Coinbase. This will help users purchase their Masternodes using BTC, LTC, or ETH. Note the presale will run for three days until February 24, 2022, at 5 pm EST. 

Following the completion of the presale, the network will define the Founding Masternode levels into two categories: Diamond Founders and Carbon Founders. Carbon Founders are Masternode holders of 1 to 4 modes, while Diamond Founders are holders of 5 or more nodes on the network who have a capped supervote. The number of Carbon Founders has been limited to 800, while that of Diamond Founders will be 450 in total.

Additionally, the Foundation is also planning to release a rewards initiative through airdrops for developers in the coming weeks. The rewards initiative will also be used for nodes participating in the upcoming Testnet set to be launched upon the closing of the presale. 

ReserveBlock Foundation is the first open-source, decentralized and autonomous NFT Centric blockchain created due to combined efforts from sponsors with vast experience in media, technology, entertainment, hospitality, sports, and finance.