QUASA: The World’s First Truly Neutral And Open Blockchain Platform For Connecting People

QUASA: The World's First Truly Neutral And Open Blockchain Platform For Connecting People

QUASA is the decentralized metaverse for connecting individuals looking for household services with top-quality, pre-screened independent service professionals. Founded by Viacheslav Vasipenok, the platform is mainly created to solve the problems of unemployment by bringing freelancers and clients together. The technologies used in QUASA are such that a trusted environment is created, unnecessary workflow is eliminated, the cost of completing a task is greatly reduced and the task doers earn more rewards.

In response to consumer demand, many consumer service providers have emerged that provide centralized management and are constantly facing challenges due to a lack of transparency. This is mainly due to the fact that centralized governance does not guarantee 100% transparency.

QUASA is bringing in a new era of decentralized consumer service that revolutionizes daily work. It will do so by using blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a new working environment. By stimulating the characteristic features of an individual alongside its training modules, the platform technologies will create an algorithm that works in any given ecosystem. This module recognizes intentions, keywords, and entities that bring out a detailed analysis of a user’s personality.

Furthermore, the neural network will provide an extraordinary quality that defines the type of interpersonal and business interactions available. The network also automatically confirms and brings out a professional skill that matches such business.

Moreso, the artificial neural network forms a virtual profile of a person by analyzing and compiling direct data provided by individuals and indirectly from public databases.


Since it is impossible to digitize entrepreneurs, the QUASA platform and Quasacoin ($QUA) were created for them. Quasacoin $QUA is an internal platform token successfully launched in 2021 and executed on the Ethereum blockchain.  This coin is also compatible with ERC-20 wallets and can be found on three crypto exchanges namely: ProBit Global, Uniswap, and KickEx. $QUA liquidity positions are represented on Uniswap as NFT and anyone can trade or become a liquidity provider in the Qua liquidity pool.

QUASA is the starting point for the growth and coordination of the QUASA Chain Blockchain. The use of the QUASA token, $QUA, is a necessary condition for working in QUASA. The Monetization of QUASA services occurs at the final stage when a performer successfully completes a task. This can be in the form of a reward which consequently increases the demand for the $QUA token.

The QUASA ecosystem is gaining popularity with the increasing number of community members. The site also boasts of at least 120k unique visitors in a month. With its core mission of creating a universal digital assistant to help people find the job they love and support their families, the platform is stepping up its efforts to promote $QUA.

It partners with prominent institutional players, the likes of Coinrise.com, NFTMOON, Coinpedia, invezz, Jintrans Group, YABLAKO, Lucex, VEXILUM, TIMe, Cryptocasing GMBH, XDevice, Alexa, Bestrate, ICObench, ICO Hot List, and Pilates amongst others.