Qrkita Announces Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Following Completion Of Its Publish Sale

Qrkita Announces Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Following Completion Of Its Publish Sale

Qrkita, Indonesia’s first online Qris platform, is announcing the launch of an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Latoken exchange. This will occur after the conclusion of the current Publish sale. 30 billion of the platform’s native token, QRT, are available for the Publish sale after which the QRT/USDT pair will be listed on several platforms. These are Latoken, PancakeSwap, Pactswap, P2pb2b, Coinsbit, and XT.com.

Qrkita, an industry-first payment digitization platform, aims to connect Indonesian retail and wholesale market players (merchant community) through the digital economy (cryptocurrencies). The platform will facilitate digitized seamless transactions and stimulate financial inclusion. It will also support Indonesian Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), including fruit and vegetable sellers, meatball sellers, and grocery vendors among others.

Being one of the preferred tourist destinations in the world, Indonesia’s retail market is quite enormous. However, with the pandemic, people have redirected their focus away from physical cash and to digital payments. The change has boosted growth in the cryptocurrency market, with nations passing laws to make digital assets part of their financial system.

An additional benefit of Qrkita is that it does away with middlemen, thereby increasing merchant profit. It also offers cashback to both merchants and their customers as a reward for using the Qrkita network. Merchants need to register on qrkita. exchange with their appropriate name and account number to receive cashback. They can also purchase the QRT from various platforms where it is currently available at a discounted price. All this paves way for users to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies and functions such as farming and staking among others.

Even more, merchants are assured of valuable returns when they place their investments in the future of digitization. The platform will also ease institutional fundraising efforts for small and medium firms looking to expand their operations.

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Notably, a portion of each transaction is directed to the platform’s liquidity pool to establish a solid price floor over time. Moreover, transfers of over 0.05% of the total QRT supply will be rejected to prevent whale dumps.

Presently, Qrkita is partnering with the yukk application as a Qris provider. As Qrkita’s demand and scale of operations rise, the platform will be able to take in additional partners. More marketing programs will soon be launched to attract more customers and merchants, and normalize digital transactions.

Qrkita draws inspiration from global retail giants such as Venmo and PayPal. The pair have adopted digital currencies, enabling millions of merchants to easily transact using crypto. As one of the early adopters of the merchant digital economy, Qrkita is poised to be the primary choice for Indonesian merchants.

Currently, the QRT public token sale is live on PancakeSwap where the price has jumped from 0.0007 USDT to 0.0029 USDT per token.