HowlCity – The Pioneer Of The 3D NFT Metaverse Racing Game

HowlCity - The Pioneer Of The 3D NFT Metaverse Racing Game

Blockchain technology has begun to spread its tentacles across all hemispheres including the entertainment sector. Currently, the hottest and most exciting is the NFTs.

NFTs are data stored on a blockchain that can be used to represent unique items such as songs, video games, arts, and other digital assets. As the digital world is evolving, NFTs also evolved from digital arts into the multi-billion gaming industry- the NFT game.

NFT games, still in the hot trends today, allow players to accumulate and trade playable characters, weapons, costumes, vehicles, and in-game assets. These are then earned and collected as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Such tokens can be sold to other gamers or on NFT marketplaces. 

The NFT gaming industry is really an attractive ecosystem that tends to attract individuals with a love for games and digital assets. Unlike traditional games, NFT games, although simple, are unique and the collectibles are not owned by the gaming experts or developers but the players.

After the period of simple NFT games with effortless, tedious, click-to-earn gameplay, the new generation of NFT games provides a more exciting experience as well as requires players to be more skillful. This skillful outcome led to the introduction of the first 3D NFT metaverse racing game by HowlCity.


A Glimpse into HowlCity

More than just breathtaking racing rounds, HowlCity is the first 3D NFT racing game incorporating the Mateverse trend.

HowlCity is a metaverse Blockchain game where players compete on racing motorbikes, make new friends as well as express their creativity in designing their own world via an entertaining gaming experience.

Being a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and with other users, it can be played on desktop browsers, websites, and mobile.

Race with extraordinary motorbikes in HowlCity – the 3D NFT racing game

Being a metaverse blockchain world where everyone competes through racing makes it a perfect hobby choice for people who love to test thrills and compete on the track. The system also rewards the players at the end of each game, making it both fun and financially rewarding.

Each HowlCity citizen has an ID, in-game avatar, and username. Upon accessing the gaming world of HowlCity, the gamer gains the status of a racer, tries to compete with his opponent, and earn rewards in form of POINT, tokens, and NFTs.

Riders can also buy, sell and rent motorbikes, trade in-game real estate, interact with other racers and upgrade properties. With the development orientation of Metaverse in the future, players can interact and be freely creative in the HowlCity world as HowlCity plans on simulating a real-life scene in the nearest future

How Racers Earn in HowlCity

Being a game for everyone and the first 3D NFT game, anyone can earn valuable rewards no matter the amount invested. The more points accumulated by a citizen, the more the opportunity to exchange such points for NFTs and trade with other citizens and at the Marketplace. The vehicle’s NFT after being upgraded can be used for staking to get $HWL.

Playing at the Player versus environment (PvE) level earns the citizen POINT while at the player versus Player (PVP) mode, will get the racer $HWL. The POINT is used to buy vehicle accessories while the $HWL is used to purchase NFT vehicles.

To participate at the PVP level, each racer will have to put in some $HWL to gain access to the common reward pool. Top-ranked players will receive $HWL rewards that correspond to their ranks with a 5% subtraction as hosting fees while the remaining players are given POINT.

HowlCity gives its citizens opportunities to own a collection of sophisticated and exceptional motorbikes and subsequently, players can earn by renting out their bikes to other players at the marketplace. This enables them to earn more rewards as ownership is retained even through rentals.

NFT items in HowlCity                                                        

There are two types of NFTs in HowlCity. These are :

  • Racing Bikes 
  •  Vehicle Accessories

Be ready to own a collection of exceptional racing motorbikes in HowlCity – the 3D NFT racing game

The NFT racing game is dedicated to motorbike fans with a series of impressive NFT super motorbikes. HowlCity’s motorbikes are designed uniquely and carefully with each having a signature look and feel. These unique motorbikes are designed to suit a particular terrain and are ranked into 5 categories. These are:

The Dust Bike

The Sportbike

The Scrambler

The Scooter

The Cruiser.

Upon participation in a racing competition and sweeping through every race track with extraordinary motorbikes, top winners are rewarded with POINT and $HWL. The 3D NFT racing riders can use POINT to upgrade to NFTs with higher features, characteristics, and attributes while $HWL is used to purchase NFTs. To avoid inflation in the game, once new NFTs is created, the old ones are burned

HowlCity’s Team, Backer, and Investor

The HowlCity game team comprises expert game developers with over ten years of working experience in the gaming industry. They have worked hard to create the environment giving users a new world with beautiful graphics, exciting gameplay, and dynamic socialization mechanics-3D.

HowlCity also has a group of renowned investors backing its ideas and vision. The HowlCity game is set by BCS station, a full-stack DEFI on Binance Smart Chain, and a strong DeFi platform. Having established close strategic partnerships with other NFT and DeFi gaming platforms such as DareNFT and Moniwa. It also received investors from firms such as ZBS Capital, Lotus capital, BSC Station, Titans ventures, X21, AU21, Aussie Capital, Poolz, Binstarter,…

As HowlCity continues to expand and spread its tentacles in the 3D gaming ecosystem, its doors are open to more investment corporations. These strong business backers are a recipe for further future development.