Prophets Of Doom: This Analyst Thinks Bitcoin Is About To Make A Surprise Dip

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction: Failure To Break The $4,200 Position Will See A Pull-back To $3,700

By now, anyone with a scratch of knowledge about the intricacies of the crypto market knows just how well things are currently working out for Bitcoin. Bitcoin just woke up from a long slumber less than 3 weeks ago, and now, the market standing looks so promising especially to people who have been bullish on it all through the crypto winter. However, some characters like Twitter user CryptoBirb don’t seem to buy it.

In a rather controversial tweet, the Analyst came up with perhaps the most unpopular opinion right now. In his opinion, Bitcoin is headed for a surprise pullback despite daily news of its upward trend in price.

The “Why” Factor

Usually, people with controversial opinions are asked to clarify their positions with further explanation. CryptoBirb didn’t wait to be asked. He went ahead to contribute on his own thread, claiming that the fact that the majority of the crypto community wouldn’t expect Bitcoin to make a sudden about-turn sets everyone up for disappointed the moment it happens.

BTC Can’t Drop Below $2k

CryptoBirb’s tweet didn’t go unnoticed by Bitcoin fans that came out in protest against what some of them saw as a false opinion. According to one of the followers commenting on the thread, Bitcoin is now too strong to go down easily. He claimed that everyone has been waiting for the crypto to make a pullback, but that hasn’t happened despite multiple reports of upsets within the crypto space.

The latest of these reports include Bitfinex’s alleged misconduct and Binance security breach. The user went on to argue that even if it were to go on a retrace, Bitcoin can’t go down below $2k, and not even the hardest FUD can take it that low.


What About The “Alts?”

Interestingly, one of the contributors on the thread was interested in knowing what could happen to the altcoins if Bitcoin were to take a dip right now. CryptoBirb is yet to respond to that.