ProBit Exchange Lists EXGold (EXG) | Gold For The Digital Age

ProBit Exchange Lists EXGold (EXG) | Gold For The Digital Age

EXGold (EXG) has officially listed their token EXG on ProBit Exchange as the digital gold solution solidifies their partnership networks with one of the top South Korean exchanges and its global demographics.

EXGold was developed to capitalize on the burgeoning stable coin niche through its innovative, digitized protocol. Eliciting unmatched price stability and promising conceptual NFTs, EXGold will offer a reliable revenue stream for holders willing to subscribe to predetermined lockup periods.

Pegged to the price of gold, EXGold will reflexively mirror the price of its real-world counterpart. This relationship is immutable, meaning 1 EXGold token will always be worth the price of 1 gram of gold.

Grounded in the Ethereum protocol, EXG offers frictionless transferability and inherent scarcity, with a circulating token supply fixed at 5 million. EXGold ensures a fair, secure incentive structure with programmable smart contracts and predetermined lock-up periods. Soon to be available on Uniswap, EXGold developers are pushing to establish EXG as a potentially leading stablecoin and safe-haven asset.

EXGold’s recent partnership with a Peruvian mine, enabling direct tradeability, is a first of potentially many, real-world partners and the platform is transforming how traders interact with gold and view the “buy” and “hold” process.



EXGold is a digital secure way to buy and hold gold and is pegged to 1 gram of gold.


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