Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir labels MMAON as a ‘phenomenal concept’

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir labels MMAON as a ‘phenomenal concept’

Mixed martial arts icon and two-time UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir hailed MMAON as a ‘great idea and phenomenal concept’. MMAON brings revolutionary and innovative features to reward fans, support fighters, and connect people.

For fighters; their financial future is firmly in their hands with MMAON, with athletes receiving revenue from pay-per-view, donations, merchandise sales, and sponsorship. As former fighters, promoters, and most importantly fans who want to change the future of the sport… We understand that fighters struggle to make ends meet and require the support of us, the fans. MMAON enables fans to support the fighters financially throughout the platform. 

Frank Mir, who has seen his daughter recently move to 2-0 in her professional MMA career aged just 18, spoke on how useful MMAON can be to young fighters in the modern world. 

Frank Mir:

“The sport has evolved massively… there’s times I get jealous! I was just sitting here looking at MMAON as far as all the new things that are happening. Sometimes it can be discouraging as you think man, if they had that when I was fighting when I was younger… How much more money could I have made? How much more popularity? Every generation should have it better.”

“I’m happy we have it now as my own daughter is following my footsteps into being a fighter, so even though I didn’t have it, she’ll have it, and that gives me solace. MMAON is such a great idea and phenomenal concept, as it enables the young fighters to be seen by everybody.”

Mir, who holds victories over Brock Lesnar, Antonio Nogueira and Mirko Cro Cop in his 32-fight career continues to compete at the highest level, having competed in the UFC, Bellator and recently signing with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.


Having been at the forefront of the sport since making his professional debut in 2001, Mir knows the importance of being seen and building a fanbase. 

Frank Mir:

“Now, you try to look at a fighter through Facebook or Instagram clips and then you’re trying to find a YouTube video of him fighting in the Balkans and you don’t know who he fought, and this hurts a young man or woman who’s trying to be seen. Having a platform that’s more universal will definitely increase that”

“So, now whether you’re fighting in Europe or the Arctic… as long as someone has hold of a mobile phone, they can have access to the fighter”

Frank Mir will serve as an advisor to MMAON to ensure fighters are continually represented as the focal point of the MMAON community.

The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of the MMAON token has been officially set for March 22nd, 2021 on the ProBit Exchange! Don’t forget to join if you are interested.