ProBit Exchange Launching MOSS Token (MCO2) IEO | Breaking Ground In Digital Asset Sustainability

ProBit Exchange Launching MOSS Token (MCO2) IEO | Breaking Ground In Digital Asset Sustainability

MCO2, a product of the MOSS ecosystem and bringing newfound accessibility, programmability, and composability to carbon credits, is currently undergoing IEO on ProBit Exchange. New levels of programmability and composability offered with the MCO2 token, enable developers to integrate carbon offset in new applications, tokens, or smart contracts; this is in line with their ultimate goal of combating climate change and preserving the environment. 

MCO2 remediates carbon emission levels through carbon offset. One carbon credit represents one ton of carbon not released. Through purchasing and retiring a carbon credit, users can offset one ton of carbon emissions and be a part of the solution. Carbon credit revenues are allocated to essential funding for carbon reduction groups and services and conservation activities.

MOSS, the largest global voluntary carbon registry, has to date conserved one million hectares of land. Within the last eight months, Moss Carbon Credit has injected over $8 million in funding to Amazon rainforest conservation projects in the last eight months, which speaks to their unflagging commitment to this cause. 

MOSS sources carbon credit from legitimate and well-respected certified environmental projects which are then tokenized via a blockchain protocol. MOSS believes the solution to widespread environmental degradation is in the private market and aims to set a precedent for other firms to strive to replicate. 



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MCO2 (Moss Carbon Credit) is a blockchain-based ERC20 token that represents ownership of one carbon credit. Carbon credits are digital certificates proving a firm or environmental project prevented the emission of one ton of CO2eq (carbon dioxide) in a given year. MOSS will produce an unlimited supply of MCO2 tokens contingent upon supply and demand for carbon credits. The MCO2 token enables traders to invest with impact evoking real change in the world.


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