Presto Labs Backs Crypto Exchange AQX

Presto Labs Backs Crypto Exchange AQX

AQX is a brand-new cryptocurrency exchange that intends to enter the market. The company’s management recently announced the platform’s official launch in mid-May, and investors should keep a watch on this new product.

Presto Labs is one of the initiative’s early backers, and the AQX project is also attracting the attention of well-known venture capitalists and partners. In the next weeks, we should expect additional AQX collaboration announcements.

AQX Exchange

The abbreviation AQX stands for “Access, Quality, and Xtraordinary,” according to the company’s founding team. To sum up the AQX team’s experience in both the crypto and traditional finance industries, “Xtraordinary” refers to the 24-hour customer support, world-class security, and professional trading functionalities.

The following issues are the focus of AQX:

  1. The lack of adequate risk protection for users. Users may find themselves in highly leveraged positions without adequate capital protection.
  2. The lack of liquidity in most new exchanges. New exchanges frequently experience a lack of liquidity.
  3. Users are unable to fully maximize the use of their DeFi assets. Users’ locked assets cannot be fully utilized.

An effort was made to address these concerns, which the team believes are holding back mainstream adoption of the technology.


The AQX staff is well-versed in risk mitigation, especially when leverage is employed. As a result, AQX has created its own proprietary liquidation mechanism to safeguard its consumers against the dangers and risks of the market.

In order to ensure liquidity on its platform, AQX is backed by Presto Labs, the world’s premier liquidity provider for crypto exchanges.

AQX presents a multi-collateralized wallet that allows users to maximize the use of their DeFi assets in a more efficient manner.

It’s because of this team that AQX is able to bring these thoughts to life. MIT, KAIST, NUS, and SNU are just a few of the illustrious schools represented on the team. This group has a wide spectrum of experience working with some of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, from blockchain engineering to institutional sales to product management.