Popular Chinese Artists Set to Launch ‘Wacky Gods’ NFT Collectibles

Popular Chinese Artists Set to Launch 'Wacky Gods' NFT Collectibles

Popular Chinese artists, Jieying Li and Guillermo Fajardo who have long been working together as Jumping Limo, a design and art studio have announced the launch of their iconic South American deity figures as NFT collectibles dubbed “Wacky Gods”.

The launch will see the duo infusing the meme-driven NFT space with a collection that is at once culturally significant, artistically masterful, and socially resonant. The NFT Collection will be powered by CrossVerse, a unique NFT platform that empowers artists and brands to easily launch and sell their NFTs, and their fans to purchase and resell them.

Wacky Gods NFT Collections

Wacky Gods has been designed with a sense of cultural fusion reflective of the backgrounds of Li and Fajardo. It represents the NFT versions of the iconic deity figures of Li & Fajardo which were originally crafted from South American festival day deities.

The Wacky Gods is an updated and digitized representation of the traditional gods initiated to encourage the celebration of modern life.


They are also endowed with unique designs and personalities deeply significant to Li and Fajardo, making the Wacky Gods truly artistic collectibles and unlike other meme-driver NFT projects in the market.

Fajardo’s comment on the launch reads;

“We selected our favorite creations, and gave them personalities resonant with the festival day functions of our earlier series.”

“Lil’ Shiva, for example, has returned to earth as a raver, dedicated to urban music, dancing, and partying,” he added.

The Wacky Gods do not only possess an artistic concept like every other NFT collectible rather, but they are also culturally unique, as they revisit the earth to help believers celebrate their own diversity, embrace the quirkiness of 21st-century culture, and change the world for the better.

Ken Wong the founder of Cross Studio has joined efforts with his team to preserve the unique and rare nature of Wacky Gods NFTs, following plans to empower “Wacky Tribe”.

“We want to emphasize the unique cultural significance of this NFT Collection, and will leverage all our Cross Studio resources, as well as our world-class tech proficiency,” Wong said while declaring their support for the project.

Thus, the NFT Collectors or “Wackies” will have access to mystery boxes during the sale, revealing NFTs of differing rarity. At the end of the sales when the characters in the boxes are revealed, holders will be assigned special roles in their Wacky Tribes, getting special access to games, competitions, online events, talks with the artists, and more.

Official Website: wackygods.io/
Discord: discord.gg/wackygods