Poll Results: Bitcoin Could Reach Beyond $100k In 4 Years

Fintech Experts Predict that Bitcoin’s Price May Rise 84% by 2019’s End

Bitcoin hit the market in 2009 as the first ever functional cryptocurrency in the world, and since then, every analyst worth their salt has been speculating about its future especially in regard to its value as a digital asset.

As is the fact in the crypto world, some of the predictions made have actually come to pass. One crypto author and trader known as MagicPoopCannon has gained fame as one of the most credible cryptoanalysts. So far, most of his predictions have passed. The guy has now made another prediction, and this time around, Bitcoin is taking to the moon.

The Poll

Right before he threw in his personal prediction, the trader, who doubles down as an author at TradingView, conducted a simple poll asking his 20k+ followers what they thought of the future of Bitcoin. The results were amazing.

Turns out, out of the 3,000 people who participated in the poll, a cool 42% believe that Bitcoin will eventually be worth between $100k to millions while 72% speculate that the crypto will surpass its ATH value of $20k.

BTC To Surpass $100k, Possibly Hit Millions

In a recent twitter post, MagicPoopCannon made another personal prediction to back up the predictions made by his followers in the poll. According to him, Bitcoin is very well poised to hit upwards of $100k within the next 4 years, adding that this figure could actually go higher, hitting between $150k to millions of dollars.


MagicPoopCannon has been one of the most accurate predictors in the crypto space. In fact, just last year, the guy predicted Bitcoin’s fall to the $3k range a whole 6 months before it happened.

To highlight his prowess, it can be remembered that most of the other analysts and traders in the crypto space were mostly bullish at the time of his bearish prediction. This extraordinary accuracy is what makes the crypto community stop to take notice in light of his recent prediction.

For one, there are just a few million Bitcoins left to mine, with the total coming to 21 million coins. Going by the current mining rate, it’s predicted that the last Bitcoin could be mined sometime in the next 3-4 years. After that, Bitcoin is expected to skyrocket in value as demand rises. That timeline clearly rhymes with MagicPoopCannon’s prediction. Either way, we can only wait and see what happens.