PlotX Taps Into Large Markets in Developing Economies to Help Web3’s Growth

PlotX Taps Into Large Markets in Developing Economies to Help Web3's Growth

Forty Million people accessed the internet for the first time in South-East Asian countries last year. That makes the total number of internet users here over 950 Million, as per Statista. Many of these people are primarily looking for means of spending money or online entertainment. Such a situation appears to be a lucrative opportunity for Web 3.0.

Web3 in South East Asia

Young, tech-savvy users drive the Web3 demand worldwide. With the youth population constituting nearly 20%, the need for Web3 is high. Moreover, the governments in these countries are welcoming blockchain businesses. Many Web3 companies like Vauld, PlotX, Biconomy, and Electrify base their operations there. Let us explore PlotX, a decentralized DeFi application built on Ethereum. With a low entry barrier and high returns on engagement, PlotX offers what several other dApps in the crypto space have been unable to do, tap into large markets across those developing economies. 

Why is PlotX unique?

A few critical factors contribute to the unique nature of PlotX. As opposed to gambling, PlotX offers low barrier, risk-controlled and strictly non-gambling features that let users control their risk of losing funds to even zero. 

Further, PlotX has returned $16 million from its $35.6 million revenue to users in various forms, establishing its commitment to a customer-centric approach.

Low Entry Barrier: Users can make predictions for as low as $1, allowing them ample scope to test the environment before committing even a small amount.


Risk Controlled: Users of PlotX can leverage 1x-5x to make trades on various assets like fiat markets, cryptocurrencies, etc. Users can select the leverage as per their risk level.

Non-Risk Activity: The platform also allows activity that has zero risk. The staking mechanism in PlotX enables users to earn returns through staking without any risk involved. The average APY is 45%. The highest APY can go to up to 400%.

Access PlotX in 3 simple steps

PlotX markets are non-custodial, which means the users are always in control of their funds. With just 3 steps, you can start your prediction:

  1. Select a market to predict and connect your wallet.

The markets are available in many combinations: Bitcoin/USD, Dogecoin/USD, Binance/USD, and more. After selecting a market, you can connect your wallet and proceed to the next step.

  1. Choose a direction.

The next step is to choose a direction for the future. It could be upward, downward, or flat.

  1. Make a prediction.

The final move is to make the prediction. You have to confirm the submission. Once submitted, all you need is to do is wait. 

PlotX supports the following cryptocurrencies for predictions:

  1. Avalanche
  2. Axie Infinity
  3. Solana
  4. MATIC
  5. Ethereum
  6. Doge
  7. BNB 
  8. Bitcoin

You can predict up, down, or staying flat for all of them. For firstcomers, PlotX offers three predictions for free

Users can obtain the highest potential return on the Axis-USD at 11.71 potential ROI

PlotX Features

PlotX has many features that make them stand out in the Crypto crowd. Many of these features are already available, and others are coming soon. Let us have a look at some:

  1. Ease of Navigation.

The user experience has been designed to be as simple as possible. Unlike many Web3 projects with highly complex pages, PloX offers an experience for Web2 users that will help easy adoption.

  1. Gas-less Transactions

Transactions have been made free so that users can transact in as high numbers as they need. Further, the first 3 predictions are free too. All of these for a better Web3 experience.

  1. Non-Custodial Login

Web 3 is known for its non-invasive technology. Users can log in via social media like Twitter, Google, etc.

  1. High ROI Staking

Even if you want to play completely safe, there is an option. You can stake your holdings to gain returns as high as 400% APY.

  1. Users Earn Regardless of Market Cycle

Regardless of the market cycle, you can earn by predicting up, down, or staying flat. Further, staking will generate returns when all of the above fail.

  1. X-2 Earn

Currently, there are Predict-to-Earn and Stake-to-Earn with Play-to-Earn features coming in very soon. Further, PlotX will add many more features as the platform engagement grows.

  1. Safe Entry to Web3

The entire concept of PlotX is designed to help Web2 users migrate easily to Web3. There are avenues to earn even with zero risk(staking). This method eliminates the hesitancy to get involved and also helps in avoiding initial losses. 


Overall, PlotX is a platform that is easy to navigate and has been designed to help faster Web3 adoption. The platform is very suitable for those who wish to play it safe. Staking as well as prediction returns are high and the entry barrier is low. With experience and knowledge, users can choose their risk level and leverage in prediction, making the platform suitable for all users. Because of this, they unlock large markets like South-East Asia and Africa. Onboarding more users from those developing economies will help Web3’s growth.