Planet Sandbox’s dApp And NFT Marketplace Is Finally Going Live

Planet Sandbox's dApp And NFT Marketplace Is Finally Going Live

30th May 2022 – Planet Sandbox is finally ready to launch its dApp and NFT marketplace. Fans have eagerly awaited this as with the marketplace, users can trade and sell their NFTs, and with the decentralized application, the possibilities are limitless. This is exciting as it beefs up the system’s security as there will be no more reliance on third-party apps to trade in-game NFTs. The dApp will enable additional features such as staking, dashboard, and inventory. The testnet dApp and marketplace are officially available now!

The main goal of Planet Sandbox is to build a revolutionary metaverse with plenty of play-to-earn options. Its features have been optimized to make fans glued to the screen.

All rewards on the platform are given in either $PULV tokens or the governance token $PSB. Players can earn the $PULV tokens by playing in various games, buying mystery boxes, buying boosters in-game, or trading NFTs. The governance token has different applications, such as staking, buying/trading, and upgrading NFT items. When a player stakes it, there is a guarantee of 32.46% APR. The $PSB has a market cap of 100 million.

Planet Sandbox has a variety of combat games where you can compete with other players for rewards. The games have both PvP and PvE options. A player can also buy land in the metaverse and create exciting games for extra income.

During the testnet, you can test the features and experiences of the DApp and marketplace before it goes live. To make the testnet more fun, there is a testnet championship where players compete for $1000.


About Planet Sandbox

Planet Sandbox is the ultimate physic sandbox game platform where users can use unlimited build-in items to build and customize their sandbox world. Users can play, build, possess or monetize their experiences. It also features a multiplayer TPS NFT GAME where users can play different combat games and win prizes.