PISQOL: The First-Ever Fractional Solana NFT Marketplace

PISQOL: The First-Ever Fractional Solana NFT Marketplace

The world is quickly transitioning to a digital era, with digital assets becoming more valuable and more frequently used for transactions compared to fiat currency. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of cryptocurrency that has risen to the top of the digital asset market, making their owners millionaires today.

However, although the appeal of digital assets has grown into a popular notion, NFT markets remain challenging to utilize and costly to invest in. As such, prospective clients find them overwhelming to use, leading them to avoid them completely.

PIQSOL is the premier fractional Solana NFT marketplace in the world, allowing everyone to invest in fractional NFTs with a significant growth potential of up to 100x. It has the potential to change the NFT world by making them more available to people all around the world. As such, PIQSOL’s creators implemented lower prices and a steeper learning curve in a bid to achieve global accessibility.


PIQSOL is the only global fractional Solana NFT marketplace, to make NFTs more available to anyone across the globe. Its goal is to drastically cut expenses while also improving the learning experience to change the NFT world. 

According to its developers, PISQOL will be the largest initiative in the NFT industry, set to be released in 2022. As a result, this project will raise awareness regarding NFTs allowing more people to learn about and use them.


Since its initial debut in November 2021, PIQSOL has created the groundwork for a journey to plan, develop, execute, and launch a one-of-a-kind marketplace for those wishing to study, purchase, or trade NFT.

Basic Functions of PISQOL

PIQSOL lets users fractionalize NFTs, the world’s premier network for Solana that addresses the needs of users previously unable to engage in substantial NFT markets and drops due to financial constraints.

NFTs are growing increasingly expensive daily, and PIQSOL seeks to provide access to everyone throughout the world by breaking down a multibillion-dollar sector. Through this project, investors will be able to create, buy, trade, and exchange NFTs in fractional amounts. For instance, investors will be able to purchase a tenth of an original piece of art and split it in its possession.

The PIQSOL project provides a complete NFT marketplace like that of OpenSea. However, unlike OpenSea, this initiative is intrinsically loaded with incredible and new user-friendly functionalities. Some of them include:

  • fractional NFT ownership via the PIQSOL Solana-based NFT marketplace, 
  • Minting, purchasing, and selling of fractional NFTs, 
  • Multichain lazy NFT minting, meaning that till the user sells the asset, they will mint with no gas expenses 
  • secured NFT authenticity via a third-party security vendor
  • Copyright documentation
  • Provenance, which is a record of ownership and origin
  • Ability to communicate with NFT holders and make offers
  • Video, image-based, and audio NFT fractionalization
  • Monthly revenue sharing for the PISQOL token staking and PISQOL NFT Collection Holders


PISQOL has made its roadmap public in a bid to make potential investors understand its objective. The section below outlines the details involved in each stage of its development process.

  • 11TH November 2021: The team creates the UI/UX flow and establishes the beauty of the design
  • 11th December 2021:  Development of the platform begins, the engineers begin coding for the NFT marketplace and initial development by team members
  • 4th February 2022: Token presale event launches for early investors at 0.01 USD per PISQOL token
  • 9th February 2022: PR and Marketing of the project through 150 partner press channels
  • 8th April 2022: Application for the NFT Launchpad listing. There will be 3 tiers of purchase for the community at inception
  • 15th April 2022: ICO goes live 

 For more information on this revolutionary NFT project, visit its website https://piqsol.com/.