Dogecoin Offline Transactions Via Elon Musk’s Starlink Could Be The Next Big Thing For DOGE

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The Dogecoin Foundation is working towards utilizing Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites to conduct DOGE’s offline transactions.

In a recent blog post shared by the two key members of the Dogecoin Foundation, the team is currently establishing groundwork to incorporate Starlink technology to facilitate Dogecoin offline transactions.

The recent post also highlighted the progress of the foundation on Doge-related projects including Gigawallet and RadioDoge and shared essential details concerning the new RadioDoge infrastructure which aims to conduct offline Dogecoin transactions via Starlink technology. 

RadioDoge and Offline Doge Transactions

The blog discussed in detail how the RadioDoge project aims to conduct offline Dogecoin transactions to facilitate global connectivity even in areas where the internet connection isn’t easily available or accessible.

RadioDoge employs a low-cost radio technology notably HF/LoRaWAN which will be combined with the Starlink satellite network to facilitate cost-effective Dogecoin offline transactions. The technology is particularly beneficial for people who live in remote settings and in areas where internet infrastructure is still underdeveloped.


The foundation also intends to maximize Dogecoin’s utility and help users make the most out of their Dogecoin transactions.

“By delivering projects which give everyone on the planet the ability to create a non-custodial Dogecoin wallet, to transact Dogecoin for goods and services, we aim to maximize the potential for Dogecoin to positively impact the lives of humans everywhere.”

The blog post later added how the Dogecoin Foundation team is working towards establishing the essential groundwork for the Gigawallet and RadioDoge project including bolstering the first phase of Libdogecoin, which will act as the first introductory block for future DOGE products.

The foundation shared more details, stating that a Regional Hub has been established by Doge’s Michi Lumin, which will act as a testing ground for the said technology. In addition to this, the team has commenced the first transaction formed with Libdogecoin, which includes transmitting 150 miles via HF Radio in Colorado to the Regional Hub, which will later submit the transaction to Starlink Satellite.