PICANTE TECH Conference Europe announces the provisional agenda and first batch of confirmed speakers

PICANTE TECH Conference Europe announces the provisional agenda and first batch of confirmed speakers

Prague – 06 June 2019

The inaugural PICANTE Tech Conference Europe, is a B2B event held by PICANTE Media and Events where more than 150 delegates will have the opportunity to attend the event for two days of learning and networking focusing on the tech industry’s hot topics like A.I. by SMEs, Blockchain, Fintech in Europe, A.R./V.R., 5G in the IoT segment, Nanotech, Quantum Technology and more.

Add a bookmark in your calendar for 3-4 September in Prague, and join various SME owners, founders and managers, Big companies or Venture Capitals representatives and startup founders and executives at the Super Early Bird Rate – valid through 30th of June.

The provisional agenda showcases some interesting panel discussions like:

  • The Growing Use of Blockchain by Start-ups and SMEs
  • The Use of Artificial Intelligence by SMEs
  • The Rise of Fintech in Europe
  • Are we there yet? Widespread of use of Cryptocurrency in e-commerce and m-commerce
  • Discussions and Investment Opportunities in Quantum Technology and Nanotech
  • VRevolution – The Time for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is now
  • The many uses and benefits of 5G in the IoT segment and beyond

The whole event is designed to bring both people and knowledge together and provides the excellent ecosystem of networking and learning opportunities without interruptions with emphasis on comfort and communication. After learning from genuine world-class experts and wayseers, meeting achievers shaping the B2B ecosystem, all attendees will get the chance to grab a drink and relax while networking at the evening social gathering.


The first batch of confirmed speakers is comprised of Masha Prusakova (Crypto PR Lab), Alexandra Karpova (Millennium Communications), Dushan Spalevich (iBlock TV), Martin Stoefler (OSM Solutions), Jean Paul Fabri (ARQ Economic & Business Intelligence), Capt.L.C. Arrigo GARIPOLI (BlueQbit), André Xuereb (University of Malta), Aleksander Kijek (Nethone), Jaka Repansek (Digital and Entertainment Law Expert) and of course Manel Muñoz, Co-Founder of the Transpecies Society who is best known for developing and installing a cybernetic sensory organ to perceive changes in atmospheric pressure in his body. The barometric organ allows him to perceive the arrival of cyclones and anticyclones via beat frequencies transmitted through the skull.

Alex Marginean, Marketing Specialist at PICANTE Media and Events, organizers of TECH Conference Europe stated: “Join us in Prague, to get your firsthand updates from leading experts in the top trending fields of evolution in technology. Engage, learn, network, and be part of a unique and continuously developing international business sphere.”


For speaking slot inquiries, please send an email with your profile and best contacts to speakercall2019@techconference.eu and the organizers will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

For sponsorship and media partnership inquiries, please contact:

Betty Tűndikbetty.tundik@techconference.eu (Sponsorships)

Alexandru Mărgineanalex@techconference.eu (Media, Press, Speakers)

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