Unveil Global Developer Competition With $30k in Prize Rewards

146 Unveil Global Developer Competition With $30k in Prize Rewards
Advertisement has announced the competition details for the upcoming DevCon 2. Various teams from different parts of the globe will go head to head to compete for a share out of the $100,000 worth of prizes available. The winner will get a whopping $30,000 in equivalent prizes.

The Bytom team announced the 2019 Bytom Dev Competition during the just-concluded New York Blockchain Week in May.

Interestingly, teams from India, Venezuela, Zambia, and even Taiwan have registered for the competition since the announcement was made.

Last year’s Bytom Global Dev Competition was hugely successful and the project has decided to organize the competition again this year.

This year’s final will be held in San Francisco later in August. The primary aim of the competition is to discover more tech talents, strengthen Bytom’s development capability and enhance sustainable open-source ecosystems.


The Rewards

Bytom is offering participants a prize pool of almost 100,000 USD, as well as fundraising support, incubation, technical development, and media exposure.

Teams that make it to the final round will compete for one first prize, two-second place prizes, and three third place prizes.

The overall winner will get up to $30,000 USD equivalent in BTM tokens.

Last year, 16 teams from various regions made it to the finals of the competition, sharing a prize pool of 2 million BTM tokens.

A Bytom-based solution developed by participants included a decentralized digital asset swap platform, a river management system, a block browser and a database for cars and drivers.

The Bytom distributed ledger is an interactive protocol comprised of multiple bye-assets.

Heterogenous byte-assets that function in different forms on the Bytom Blockchain and atomic assets can be easily registered exchanged, gambled and engaged in more complex contract-based interoperations via Bytom.


For the individuals’ category, the code must be open-source and the team members must not be more than 5 people.

For the enterprise category, the code may not be open-source, but the final product must be more complete.

Each participating group must not be more than 5 members and entries must be completed independently.

Participants who cheat in one way or the other will be automatically disqualified.


  • Registration begins on May 14 and ends on August 2.
  • Preliminary: August 3 to August 7
  • Final and Roadshow: August 24th and 25th.

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