PEGA Pool’s Long-Awaited Launch is Imminent

PEGA Pool’s Long-Awaited Launch is Imminent

Here’s What You Need to Know

Since the dawn of Bitcoin in 2009, the flagship cryptocurrency has changed the way the world transacts forever. But it’s not all good news. While decentralised financial living is certainly a step in the right direction for the economy, it’s three steps back for the environment.

Bitcoin (BTC) Mining demands a significant amount of computer power, AKA electricity, which relies on burning fossil fuels. This creates greenhouse gases, which are responsible for destroying our atmosphere. But the solution isn’t to stop BTC mining altogether, as we know this is crucial for the economy. We need to find a way to mine BTC better – and PEGA Pool is doing just that.

PEGA Pool is an eco-friendly mining pool – the first in the world to ever exist – and their vision is to build a crypto industry that is more sustainable for future generations. PEGA Pool will encourage BTC miners to join their community by offering to use a portion of their membership fees to plant trees – even if they are still using non-renewable energy. By planting trees – which absorb and store Carbon Dioxide (CO2), we can minimise the amount of toxic gases around us while introducing more fresh oxygen and plant matter into the environment.

But planting trees is only half of PEGA Pool’s agenda. The eco-friendly mining pool also rewards its BTC miners with exciting pool fee discounts. This couldn’t come at a better time, with rapidly dropping BTC prices reaching all-time lows, coupled with soaring hash rates that are making it impossible for miners and BTC mining companies to make the living they are accustomed to. By helping BTC miners save on pool fees, PEGA Pool hopes to take some of the financial burdens off of miners’ shoulders during today’s volatile bear market, so they can pocket more of their hard-earned money.

While space on their waiting list is running out fast, there are still some prime spots available – grab one of the last ones now to avoid disappointment.



  • They were ranked the 13th biggest mining pool on the planet by none other than
  • Miners who are already mining BTC using renewable energy are eligible for a 100% discount during the mining pool’s pre-launch period.
  • Once the pool goes live, this pool fee reduction will be set at 50% for life
  • PEGA Pool welcomes all miners to join their community, no matter their current energy status
  • PEGA Pool has already planted over 100,000 trees to date – bringing us one step closer to the 300 million trees needed to see significant results in our collective efforts to offset CO2.

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