Pandora Stepping Out Of Traditional DEXs Threshold

Pandora Stepping Out Of Traditional DEXs Threshold

Pandora is placing its bets on AMN, multitasking NFTs, and GameFi as a path to widespread DeFi adoption. We look forward to becoming a major global DeFi center for crypto aficionados as well as a go-to launchpad and decentralized incubator for up and coming blockchain firms all over the world.” – says the Pandora team while discussing their future goals.

The growth in prominence of DeFi is the consequence of the provision of greater rewards by decentralized exchanges and the cheaper cost than standard trading platforms.

Nevertheless, conventional DEXs might not be around for long if we don’t find a way to diminish the constraints such as a dearth of incentives for the consumers, a greater probability of losing the invested cash owing to irreversible loss, and dull rewards. 

In the fast-paced DeFi industry, the performance of traditional DeFi systems is limited due to a number of flaws. However, Pandora has taken notice of the problem and has resolved the obstacles to provide everybody with a decent DeFi experience and a better rate of returns on investment. 

Inclusive Reward System 


Traditional DEXs have always had the problem of primarily incentivizing farmers while turning a deaf ear towards traders’ rewards. DEXs’ insufficient reward criteria for traders might land them in a situation where they might lose the traders to another protocol. Such loss will result in a drop in token swap rates that will lead to lower payouts for the farmers. In the long run, the farmers will also abandon the platform since the benefits they receive won’t be appealing enough to make them stay. 

Until and unless this problem is not fixed, conventional DEXs will suffer as their popularity will inevitably erode over time and they will be on the wrong track which will lead them to their downfall. To avoid such circumstances, the creation of a more effective incentive system for all consumers should be prioritized. 

Pandora distinguishes itself from the rest of the DEXs by establishing and introducing a one-of-a-kind and all-encompassing incentive structure. Although the crypto market is severely unstable, Pandora has said that they would ensure and prioritize a consistent passive income for its consumers along with ensuring earning consistency, especially when the market is going through instability. 

“Pandora takes pride in being the highest paying DEX in the DeFi space. Its inventive and inclusive reward scheme ensures that all users are properly incentivized for their participation in the protocol.” – Pandora stated on social media.

Dual-Token System

The Pandora ecosystem is supported by two native tokens; Pandorium (PAN) for rewards and Pandora Spirit (PSR) for governance. PAN is the system reward for staking, trading, and farming whereas PSR is the backbone for all of Pandora’s products and has a set maximum quantity of 10 million tokens. 

Pandora’s dual token model is intended to guarantee the stability of its ecosystem and is based on principles of deflation. Its versatile governance token PSR includes a well-built burning mechanism as well as anti-dumping tokenomics. 

PSR’s burning mechanism assures that with an increase in Pandora’s customer base, there will be fewer PSR tokens in circulation. Moreover, PSR’s usefulness and value are projected to increase gradually when Pandora introduces additional offers to the market. 

Pandora wants to launch its governance token PSR in a reasonable manner, with a system in place to keep the whales at bay. PSR doesn’t have a pre-sale. Furthermore, to keep Pandora in mind of the community and general public, 42% of its entire supply is allocated to community growth (marketing) and rewards (including 10% that is immediately sent to the jackpot pool as rewards.)

Pandora will start with 10% of the entire supply of PSR permanently shut away as DEX liquidity. Meanwhile, 30% of the budget is allocated to ecosystem advancement, protocol development, and partnership expansion. Lastly, 3% of PSR is set aside for Pandora’s impending public auction, making PSR a community-focused token. 

Gamification Integration 

Another prevalent problem has been the absence of game-playing components on traditional DEXs, which has resulted in poor utilization and reputation. Pandora aims to address this issue by incorporating an unrivaled decentralized jackpot mechanism within the protocol. 

This first-of-its-kind, gamified solution to decentralized finance aims to make DeFi a fun and rewarding experience for everyone. 

Multifaceted Decentralized Ecosystem

Pandora is not just a decentralized exchange but is also a decentralized ecosystem with a strong IDO launchpad that develops and fosters business blockchain firms, with a focus on GameFi, DeFi, Metaverse, and NFT projects. 

“Pandora IDO launchpad is currently under development and final touches are in place to make for a holistic and flawless IDO launching platform, which will be ready to go by mid-April. We are positively overwhelmed by the number of projects that have so far applied for launching on Pandora IDO Launchpad.” – Pandora discussed the project’s newest developments during the public AMA session. 

The increasing growth in harmful cyber assaults has increased the demand for security assessments. Despite previously being audited by PeckShield, Pandora has partnered with Hacken and is determined to partner with additional renowned audit companies to assist the DEX to safeguard its client’s cash and protect them from future hacks and scams.

“The Pandora protocol is innovative in instilling gaming elements in the DEX/DeFi design. It has a unique incentive mechanism that aims to engage trading and farming users.” – PeckShield praised Pandora in its latest smart contract audit report.

Promising Plans Ahead

Pandora is still in its development phase but the beginnings of this new DEX are bright. The DEX is still progressing with several milestones ahead of it. The staff behind DEX has demonstrated that they are coming up with a comprehensive strategy for success, which includes several additional methods to make DeFi more profitable and available to everybody. 

Crypto geeks may look forward to intriguing news about the approaching introduction of the Pandora protocol and Pandora IDO launchpad, along with enormous PSR airdrops in the near future. 

What is Pandora? 

Pandora is the next generation decentralized ecosystem that uses a dual-token DEX and IDO launchpad to provide a pretty comprehensive incentive system for all consumers while allowing early-stage crypto investors to identify future blockchain-based treasures in today’s budding crypto projects. 

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