P2E Title “Cookin’ Burgers” Slated To Go Live In DEA’s PlayMining Ecosystem On June 30th

P2E Title “Cookin’ Burgers” Slated To Go Live In DEA’s PlayMining Ecosystem On June 30th

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), the Singapore-based outfit behind the PlayMining GameFi ecosystem, will be rolling out the latest blockchain game to join its platform, titled Cookin’ Burger late in June.

Ahead of the game release lined up for June 30th, the DEA team will also be listing more Shop NFTs for in-game applications via the PlayMining NFT marketplace. The listings of “Secondhand Food Carts” will go live on Friday, June 10th, at 11:00 (UTC+8). These Secondhand Food Carts NFTs grant players the opportunity to open carts that offer different menus in three types of locations, including beach, city, and countryside options. Menus can feature multiple food offerings, including western-style, Japanese, and Chinese food menus.

As a blockchain-powered restaurant simulation game, these NFTs play a vital role within the game, helping players access special features and upgrades that contribute to expanded reward generation. While gamers without NFTs can also participate in the ecosystem, those gamers that opt to buy NFTs that represent restaurant ownership must serve customers rapidly, with high precision to advance their reputations. 

Over time, players who manage these restaurants are expected to become more efficient cooks and improve service, reflecting the experience of owning a restaurant in the real world. Based on the results of daily missions, weekend events, and monthly rankings, players earn in-game rewards and DEAPcoin ($DEP) that are awarded based on performance.

Broadening The PlayMining Universe’s Reach

Developed by Burger Studio, Cookin’ Burger represents the first title added to the PlayMining ecosystem by an outside developer, reflecting the convenience and accessibility of the platform while strengthening its appeal for other third-party gaming outfits to join.


In the context of PlayMining’s openness, Burger Studio CEO Takafumi Kiyota remarks, “PlayMining is a creator-friendly platform, so even a small team like ours was able to enter the market…At the same time, we hope to offer a new ‘play-to-earn’ experience to everyone around the world.”

Since its founding in 2018, DEA, and its accompanying PlayMining ecosystem, has emerged as a potent competitor in the rapidly expanding play-to-earn gaming space. In 2022 alone, the platform has experienced NFT sales worth SGD 4,000 to date, with the results expected to reach SGD 6,000 for the second half of the year. 

With Cookin’ Burger becoming the fourth title within the ecosystem, players from DEA’s key Asia-Pacific demographic will encounter newfound opportunities to generate rewards and earn from regular gameplay. More importantly,