Orbs Token Holders Can Now Stake $ORBS On The OKX Exchange

Orbs Token Holders Can Now Stake $ORBS On The OKX Exchange

There are many ways to support cryptocurrency networks’ security and day-to-day operations. Staking is an excellent way to foster broad community participation, assuming it is convenient and accessible. For holders of the $ORBS token, that process is now available through the OKX exchange.

OKX Supports $ORBS Staking

Cryptocurrency exchanges have transformed in recent years. It is no longer sufficient to support buying, selling, and trading crypto assets. Instead, these platforms venture into staking, decentralized finance, yield farming, NFTs, etc. These features are in high demand among crypto enthusiasts but often require a fair amount of work. With the help of exchanges, accessing these features becomes more straightforward and incentivizes broader participation.

OKX has built a strong reputation by supporting these innovative features and concepts. Moreover, the platform supports staking multiple currencies, including the $ORBS token. In addition, users can lock up their assets for a predetermined period and will accrue rewards after two days. Further interest will be paid daily. One can find more details on OKX’s main staking page

Having the support of OKX is a big deal for the Orbs ecosystem. OKX is among the top 20 global crypto exchanges by trading volume and active users. Extending an offer for $ORBS stakeholders to actively contribute to the network and its security is a big step forward. Moreover, it makes the rewards from staking Orbs tokens more accessible to a broader audience. 

Orbs Continues To Make Moves

The support from OKX is the latest milestone for the Orbs ecosystem. The decentralized and permissionless blockchain infrastructure has made inroads in the blockchain space. It is an EVM-compatible network capable of operating with Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, Avalanche, and similar networks. Moreover, it does not exist as a layer to subtract value from the L1/L2 networks it runs on, resulting in a more efficient solution.

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Under the hood, Orbs is a separate execution layer operating between L1/L2 solutions and the application layer. The tiered blockchain stack allows developers to enhance existing smart contracts and explore new and more complex use cases. Moreover, the solution has potential across all industry verticals, including NFTs, Web3, and GameFi.