Orange Comet Labs Unleashes Degens & Dragons Game

Orange Comet Labs Unleashes Degens & Dragons Game

Gather ’round, ye internet dwellers and basement warriors! It’s time to strap in and take a wild plunge into the deliciously chaotic world of Degens & Dragons. The pre-Mint Sale to get into the tournament starts on June 13th. We’re talking about a Web3 project where decorum is left at the door, and survival is the only rule that matters. Remember that pesky little question of when to sell? Forget about it! In this universe, your one and only concern is not sucking. Why worry about market trends when you can be the trendsetter?

Born from the innovative minds at Orange Comet Labs, Degens & Dragons ushers you into a world where the thrill of the game outshines the anxieties of the volatile crypto market. Who must fret about those smarty-pants investors dumping their bags and leaving you with pixelated crumbs? Certainly, not you. If you’re reading this in your mom’s basement (and let’s face it, you probably are), it’s high time to don your virtual armour and prepare for battle.

Fight Like A Degen or a Dragon

Welcome to a gritty tournament where degens, blockchain enthusiasts, and gaming veterans clash in a high-stakes melee. This isn’t your grandma’s friendly card game; it’s an all-out pixelated war of wits, cunning, and shamelessness. From underhanded tactics to sneaky strategies, Degens & Dragons offers you a platform to unleash your inner degen. Just remember, there are no rules. Well, there are a few, but who’s counting? The only thing that truly matters is the thrill of competition and victory’s sweet, sweet taste.

And now for a bit of lore to spice things up. Once upon a time, a bunch of daring degens decided to dive headfirst into a new ICO on a chain, suitably named “dragon”. True to their audacious nature, none of these risk-takers bothered to read the contract. When the ‘buy’ notification popped up on their dragon wallets, they hit accept faster than you can say, “To the moon!”. Faster than a high-speed broadband connection, these digital daredevils got sucked into their devices, now tasked with fighting for their liquidity in the high-stakes tournament.

Now, imagine being transported into a world that’s equal parts nostalgia and novelty. Welcome to the gaming landscape of Degens & Dragons, a digital realm that combines the charm of retro, pixel-art aesthetics with the cutting-edge thrill of blockchain technology. In this world, you’re not just another gamer – a player in the global financial market, a digital gladiator vying for a slice of the crypto pie.


Game Mechanics: Win, Lose, or Degen

As you journey through this intriguing world, you’ll discover an array of unique game mechanics designed to test your strategy and skill. Each decision you make impacts your standing in the tournament and, subsequently, your share of the liquidity pool, which starts at 10,000 SUI and is expected to grow to a total of 60% of the mint proceeds!

Specifically, Degens & Dragons is a skills-based elimination tournament that takes place across five epic phases (to enter the tournament, you will need to mint a degen NFT). In each phase, players can fight against opponents as many times as they like to increase their score (however, enemies get tougher the more you play during a phase). At the end of each phase, a percentage of players will be eliminated from the tournament based on their total score for that phase, and an SUI reward is allocated to survivors.  But have no fear, even if you get eliminated, your dead degen can still get back into the game because we’ve added the “Well of Souls”,– where you can choose to burn four of your Degen NFTs that have been eliminated, to re-enter the tournament with vigor.

Take note, in addition to gaming glory, the survivors of each phase will have an opportunity to walk away with a slice of the ever-growing prize pool. The more people join the tournament by minting a degen NFT, the bigger the prize pool gets!

Degens & Dragons isn’t just another game; it’s a prelude to the entire future of gaming. By intertwining the spheres of gaming and Web3, this unique project creates a platform where players can thrive in the face of uncertainty. It redefines the gaming experience, empowering players to embrace their inner degens, outwit their enemies, compete for blockchain immortality, and a share of the prize pool.

For more details on the game mechanics & how the prize pool is calculated, check out the white paper:

Don’t Squander the Opportunity

So, if the prospect of engaging in ruthless competition, outsmarting rivals, and climbing the ladder of success gets your adrenaline pumping, Degens & Dragons is the place for you. Why sit on the sidelines when you can be in the heart of the action? Follow Degens & Dragons on Twitter to stay abreast of the latest updates, tips, and strategies.

Pre-Mint Sale is coming up on Thursday, June 13, 2023 – so dive headfirst into the glorious mess that is Degens & Dragons. Remember, in this realm, fortune favours the bold, the cunning, and the shamelessly crafty. So grab your gear, muster up your courage, and plunge into the fray. Your destiny awaits!

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