Multichain CEO vanishes, can the Avorak AI crypto algorithm help trace him?

Multichain CEO vanishes, can the Avorak AI crypto algorithm help trace him?

The cryptocurrency arena is never short of surprises, as unexpected events and mysteries occasionally unfold. One such intriguing case captivating the attention of enthusiasts is the sudden disappearance of the CEO of Multichain, the largest blockchain bridge. As the industry grapples with the unanswered questions surrounding this vanishing act, the potential role of advanced technologies, specifically AI crypto algorithms, in tracing the missing CEO has emerged as a beacon of hope. Does Avorak AI hold the potential to unravel the mystery and help trace the elusive Multichain CEO?

The Multichain Situation

Multichain bridge is the largest bridge by assets with over $1.45 billion in smart contracts, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain included. The CEO of Multichain went missing, leading to speculation and unconfirmed rumours of his arrest in China. This situation raises concerns about the decentralized nature of the Multichain Bridge as operations stopped leading to the suspension of 11 chains and more to follow. The Multichain bridge couldn’t operate because one person (CEO) has single central access, thus susceptible to compromise or coercion by the authorities.

How Can Avorak AI Crypto Help?

Avorak AI’s blockchain analytics already fears the worst as affected parties take strategic decisions. Avorak AI is an intelligent solution for blockchain analytics and trading. Its machine learning algos continuously learn and advance through natural language processing. Avorak Trade Bot can trace historical data for insights and forecast the future. The tool can help investors, analysts, or interested parties determine anomalies on the Multichain blockchain since its inception. This action can help confirm or dispel rumours of foul play; no one knows whether the CEO is on the run or distressed. Avorak can help determine whether any suspicious actions have occurred in the network since the CEO’s disappearance. Avorak’s advanced tools can also help with solutions to prevent any further losses.


Avorak AI can achieve all these through its native token, AVRK, which is in phase seven of Avorak ICO. The token has astronomically risen by 325% to $0.255, making Avorak AI a potential 100x gem, according to experts, analysts, and YouTube enthusiasts. AVRK holders enjoy bonuses and several privileges now and in the future as AVRK plans to launch at $1. Avorak’s platform is secure and compliant, as confirmed by KYC and its two audits by CyberScope and SolidProof.

The project’s offerings include Avorak Write, a content generation tool that displays content in several writing styles. It also addresses repetition and plagiarism challenges.


Is Multichain Safe?

It is vital to research thoroughly and carry due diligence when assessing whether Multichain is safe, and the blockchain analytics platform Avorak AI could provide the answer. Its safety and reliability are determined by its reputation, track record, security measures, transparency, and user and expert reviews. It is advisable to seek information from multiple credible sources and consider its current embattled state. The CEO’s disappearance has laid bare the question of whether some blockchains are as decentralized as they claim. The disruption of operations in some chains connected to Multichain reveals the amount of control wielded by its CEO, taking them ages back from decentralization.

Wrap Up

Avorak’s analysis recommends actions that cross-chain bridges should avoid. By implementing Avorak AI’s revelations, they can prevent future repercussions by learning from the Multichain bridge lessons.

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