ONGX Digital Investment Opportunity Tokenized Ownership of Pharmaceutical Facility Listed on Exchange

ONGX Digital Investment Opportunity Tokenized Ownership of Pharmaceutical Facility Listed on Exchange

San Diego, September 1, 2020,, and OGInvest Limited have announced that the ONGX Token will be tradable via the exchange. The ONGX Tokens are built on the ERC20 blockchain protocol, serve as a SAFE (which stands for “simple agreement for future equity”), and will be exchangeable at the option of the investor for equity-token securities.

The ONGX Token offering is a first-of-its-kind digital investment opportunity: tokenized ownership of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Through ONGX Tokens, investors globally can participate in an investment typically only available to industry insiders and large investment firms.

“We are excited to see work with, as we believe it is a strong ecosystem to provide ONGX investors with potential liquidity. We believe ONGX is the pharma industry’s largest digital offering to date, as measured by target investment size, underlying valuation, and production capacity of the asset. The ONGX Token brings pharma production investments to a much larger audience and democratizes the pharma investment opportunity,” said the president of Mr. K. Holtser.

The OncoGenerix project anticipates benefiting from a combination of the OncoGenerix plant’s strategic location, favorable valuations of pharma manufacturers, and continued global pharma market growth. As a novel and generics pharma producer, OncoGenerix specializes in injectable and lyophilized oncology drugs, many of which are in shortage. The ONGX token sale and listing on coincide with OncoGenerix’s recent completion of a state-of-the-art pharmaceuticals factory in Mudanjiang Province, China.

OncoGenerix is launching production with a capacity of 30 million vials per annum. OncoGenerix’s manufacturing services include technical transfer, process development, scale-up, equipment and process validation, formulation, filling, lyophilization, inspection, labeling, and packaging. OncoGenerix combines sterile drug manufacturing to deliver compliant and cost-effective drug production.


The ONGX token is available to qualified non-US investors through an ongoing digital securities offering of up to 500 million ONGX Tokens priced at $ 0.12 per token for a total offering of up to $60 million.

About Oncogenerix

As a global provider for the next generation of compliant and high-quality manufacturing services for injectable products, OncoGenerix offers deep experience in high-quality injectable drug product sterile manufacturing. OncoGenerix’s services represent the entire pharma cycle, from early-stage drug development to global commercial supply. OncoGenerix delivers good manufacturing practices-compliant and cost-effective drug production. Visit for more information.

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