Olyseum Launches World’s First Star-Led Experiential NFT (xNFT) Platform

Olyseum Launches World’s First Star-Led Experiential NFT (xNFT) Platform

Olyseum, a blockchain star-led rewards platform for enriched non-fungible tokens has launched a one-of-a-kind experiential NFT (xNFT) platform.

According to the announcement, Olyseum hopes to fundamentally change the landscape of fan engagement by taking NFTs to the next level. The created experiential NFT, with an extra layer of value, will reportedly allow stars and fans to live experiences and monetize engagement. Notably, xNFTs comprise exclusive experiences with star creators, opening the door to unprecedented levels of fan-star interactions and experiences that are in high demand.

Carlos Grenoir, Olyseum co-founder and CEO explained: 

“In today’s highly charged social media landscape, fans have huge visibility over their favorite stars’ activities, but interaction levels are extremely limited and lack any real substance. While the rapidly expanding NFT space is providing fertile ground for stars to develop high-value digital representations of their content, the fan-star experiential paradigm has yet to be properly explored, until now.” 

So far, more than 30 stars have already joined the platform before its official launch. Some of the most notable stars include Carles Puyol, Olyseum co-founders Jorge Martín, Toni Bou, and chef Eneko Atxa. These stars have hundreds of millions combined fans. 


Notably, the platform enables stars to engage with their fans through content creation activities, skills challenges, and experiences. Each star will reportedly have its solar system. This solar system will make it easy for fans to enjoy exclusive experiences with their favorite star.

In addition, the platform will offer a wide variety of xNFTs for fans to choose from. Through the platform, fans will be able to build their collections and rise the rankings in the community.

Adding to the launch, the platform also listed today, its native token OLY on the Gate.io cryptocurrency exchange extending its reach to over 4 million users across 150 countries. 

Grenoir added: 

“Olyseum wants to redefine the parameters of fan engagement, empower fans to have their fandom validated, broaden the accessibility of authentic star experiences, and create a venue for xNFT trading and renting. We’re also giving stars the chance to enrich existing NFTs and transform them into xNFTs on our platform. With our unrivaled network of international icons, Olyseum’s xNFT platform is in a prime position to become the marketplace of choice for stars and fans alike, while providing a trusted environment for stars to debut in the crypto sphere, elevate their brand, and monetize their star power.”