Ojamu provides “intelligent” NFT-powered marketing solution for brands

Ojamu provides “intelligent” NFT-powered marketing solution for brands

Digital marketing is a competitive industry that suffers from several pain points. It can be incredibly difficult for brands and companies to acquire actionable data, yet up-and-coming startups don’t always suffer from these issues. A solution is required to level the playing field and build better marketing solutions. 

Maintaining A Marketing Edge Is Difficult

In the world of digital marketing, it is all about creating a competitive edge and holding on to it as long as possible. One would be inclined to think that more prominent brands and companies have it easier than startups in that regard. 

The reality is very different, as there are several factors to consider. Startups have seemingly found a way to be more agile than their established counterparts, shifting the balance of power.

The primary struggle most brands agree on is the acquisition of real-time and actionable data. Most brands and companies have to rely on external partners for this crucial information. 

Time is of essence in digital marketing. The expectations of consumers are shifting constantly, making it important to get the timing right under all circumstances. Unfortunately, due to incomplete and “old” data, that process becomes a steep uphill battle that hardly ever yields satisfactory results.

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The data to build a robust and viable digital marketing strategy spans multiple segments. It is about more than email addresses, and marketers need access to up-to-date industry information, consumer preferences, changes in user behavior, competing services, and so forth. 

There is a tremendous amount of data to gather and sift through, which overwhelms humans. Exploring numerous data points around the clock is nigh impossible and warrants the use of innovative technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. 

Ojamu Offers A Viable Alternative

Whereas traditional digital marketing companies often stick by their outdated approach of relying on human input, projects like Ojamu take the next step. The Singapore company uses a combination of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and non-fungible tokens to create a robust toolset that provides brands the data they need. Ojamu can source information from over a million data points, and its native Neural Engine processes the information much quicker than a human can.

More importantly, the Ojamu solution spans multiple blockchains, allowing it to keep gathering real-time and actionable data for any client. 

Having constant access to relevant information is essential in an industry where a competitive edge equals the difference between success and failure. Thanks to recent developments bringing innovative technologies to a broader audience, there are now many more options to explore than ever before.

Ojamu’s approach goes beyond the use of innovative technologies. To access the services and tools, users will need platform-native non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As the popularity of NFTs continues to surge, it becomes prominent to add some real-world value and use to them. 

Using non-fungible tokens to access AI-driven marketing insights and receive an easy-to-follow roadmap to achieve marketing goals helps set Ojamu apart from any other service provider.

In a sense, Ojamu’s approach is highly intelligent, as the information will keep updating in real-time. The use of AI and neural prediction ensures the service can keep learning and improving upon itself through every action it undertakes. 

Closing Thoughts

In this modern era, there is no reason not to attempt and automate digital marketing wherever possible. Providers like Ojamu acknowledge the potential of automation combined with real-time data acquisition and a convenient roadmap for brands and companies to take action. Moreover, their service is rather affordable, making it easier for smaller brands to achieve digital marketing success without breaking the bank.