OILSC: Decentralizing the OIL AND GAS Supply Chain Process


OILSC has come, determined to bring the much-needed change to the world of oil and gas. OILSC is focused on disrupting the old processes of oil and gas companies, replacing them with the Blockchain technology.

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Blockchain technology, which is the building blocks of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, is more cost-effective, transparent and secure than tradition systems large oil companies employ in their drilling operations.

OILSC uses the smart contract protocol.

The OILSC coin will be the traditional currency of the platform. It will be the industry standard for exchange and drive the value of the token to greater heights.


The Oil and Gas supply chain (OILSC) token is an excellent medium of exchange, built upon Blockchain smart contract technology specifically for the oil and gas sector and the drilling management and waste disposal service providers.

The OILSC token is backed by highly reputable companies with huge experience in the drilling and waste management services sector, control and complete solutions that requires post drilling environmental protection regulations worldwide.

OILSC in Collaboration with the world’s largest oil firms, governments, and organizations that deal in oil and gas waste disposal the Blockchain mission of OILSC will be accomplished.

Fundamental operations of these firms will be moved to the Blockchain, using smart contracts that conform to the current layouts on the platform.

OILSC’s is here to revolutionize the energy sector and help firms involved the system change their old ways of doing things thereby contributing towards a cleaner world.


OILSC is blessed with highly qualified experts in the Oil and Gas ecosystem.  The team has been working tirelessly round the clock to make the OILSC project a great success.

Some of the OILSC Team members are:

David Clark -Head of Development
Clark had discipline in the Information technology and used to deal with computers in the late 1980s.
He later sold his firm and migrated to Asia in the 90s where he entered the Oil and Gas and Mining Industry.
Since two years ago, Clark has been working with a firm named DCDC.
DCDC deals with drilling, waste management supplies, and servicing for offshore/onshore drilling rigs in the United Arab Emirates, Asia Pacific, and Saudi Arabia. David Clark is a valuable member of the OILSC team
Parikshit Joshi – Blockchain Developer
Joshi has 5 years leading experience from  Simform Solution Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) and Business Intelligence consulting services team. He takes charge of the design proposal, architecture, frameworks, proof of concepts and manages the technical and delivery unit. Joshi is a great asset to the OILSC team
Ronald Hessler – Oil and Gas
Mr. Roland is an oil and gas expert with over thirty years experience in the oil and gas industry. Roland based in Indonesia.
Other team members include Bryan Thompson, Nova Dien, Simon Yearron, and many more.

Token Sale Information

The conversion rate is 1 Ether = 3,850 OILSC tokens, with a minimum contribution of 0.1 ETH.

Contribution of 3 ETH gives a 25% extra allocation back to the contributor and all donations of 5 ETH and above will provide a further 40% bonus in return.
There are a total of 180 million OILSC tokens of which 130 million OILSC tokens will be available during the token generation event.

The Oil and Gas Supply Chain will hold 50 million OILSC tokens for further expansion and development rewards, marketing, and incentives.
For more information visit www.oilsc.io
To Contribute: www.oilsc.io/#buy
Whitepaper: www.oilsc.io/docs/OILSC-whitepaper-2017-v18.pdf
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Oil-and-gas-ico-1540680369320118
Twitter: www.twitter.com/oilsupplychain