ODOGE (Optimism Doge) is Now Available for Trading on Hotbit Exchange

ODOGE (Optimism Doge) is Now Available for Trading on Hotbit Exchange

Hotbit Exchange, a global crypto trading platform, will officially list ODOGE (Optimism Doge) on April 20th, 2023, and the ODOGE/nUSD trading pair will be available for trading for all users of Hotbit Exchange.

Optimism Doge (ODOGE) is a popular meme coin named after an optimistic and cheerful dog representing hope and positivity. A community-driven meme coin with unlimited potential.The native token ODOGE will be listed on Hotbit Exchange on April 20th, 2023, at 12:00 AM UTC.


ODOGE is a well-established meme coin that operates on blockchain technology and draws its name from a cheerful and optimistic dog that symbolizes hope, positivity, and confidence in the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The coin’s mission is to create a strong and vibrant community and a comprehensive ecosystem that provides users with an all-encompassing and user-friendly experience.

ODOGE has many features, including ODoge NFTs, Game, swap, DEFI, farm, ODoge Chain, and Cross-chain Bridges, allowing users to engage with the coin in various ways. The team behind ODOGE is committed to continually developing and expanding the platform to provide users with new and exciting opportunities to interact with the coin.

In the short run, ODOGE’s primary objectives are centered around building a robust and engaged community, securing listings on reputable exchanges, and carrying out innovative burning experiments. The team aims to continually enhance the ecosystem and application facilities, leveraging cross-chain functionality and expanding the coin’s use cases to attract more investors to the community.


In the long run, ODOGE’s goal is to become a leading meme coin, following in the footsteps of Doge and Shib, ultimately achieving a listing on Binance. To achieve these objectives, the team will employ marketing principles and execute strategic initiatives to position ODOGE as a prominent and respected player within the crypto community.

 About ODOGE Token

Optimism Doge, the popular meme coin, has a total supply of 42 trillion tokens, out of which 90% have already been burned, leaving 4.2 trillion tokens in circulation. The token distribution is allocated as follows: 5.3% for presale, 2.7% for liquidity pools, 0.3% for marketing, 0.3% for charity, 0.4% for development and community building, and 1% for exchange listing.

Optimism Doge has implemented a transaction burn feature to ensure a deflationary model, where a portion of each transaction is destroyed, leading to a decrease in circulating supply over time. This scarcity effect may potentially increase the token’s value. Furthermore, the coin imposes a 10% transaction tax on every trade, with 5% of the tax distributed as dividends to all token holders, rewarding all investors.

In addition, 3% of the transaction tax will be allocated towards buyback and burn, community development, and exchange listing. The remaining 2% will be dedicated to marketing and ecosystem development. This ensures that the community continues to develop and grow, emphasising fostering a thriving ecosystem.


Founded in 2018 and holding an Estonian MTR license, American MSB license, Australian AUSTRAC license, and Canadian MSB license, Hotbit cryptocurrency exchange is known as a leading trading platform that continues to develop and integrate various forms of businesses such as spot trading, financial derivatives, cryptocurrency investment and DAPP into one platform. Hotbit has already gained over 8 Million registered users from more than 210 countries and regions.

Based on its globalized and unified strategies, Hotbit focuses on the world’s emerging markets, such as Russia, Turkey, and Southeast Asia markets and was ranked one of the top 3 most welcomed exchanges by Russian media in 2019. Hotbit is constantly introducing and listing high-quality crypto projects so that its users can directly trade, manage, track, and analyze cryptocurrencies, making the entire experience easier for ordinary people.

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