As Shibarium Renews Bullish Drive For ‘$0.001 SHIB’, Shiba Inu’s Metaverse Sees Major Developments

Massive Shiba Inu Whale Moves 182 Billion Coins to Exchanges — What Could Go Wrong for SHIB?

Recently, the team behind “SHIB: The Metaverse” shared a range of developments made over the last few weeks on the project, thrilling the Shib-Army and signalling a bright future for the ecosystem’s future.

In an April 10th blog post, the team announced the launch of a new official Twitter account, noting that all official updates and communications on the metaverse will subsequently be made there. 

The team also highlighted the details of several new tools being developed to make the user experience on the metaverse “truly fantastic”. These tools include the Plot Builder, which will enable the creation and customization of plots, while the Avatar Builder will enable users to create a unique digital identity with a wide set of personalization options. The team also noted that they were working on a Game Maker tool, which will be discussed in a future blog.

As per the blog, Shib The Metaverse has also been revised to ensure users enjoy a more photorealistic experience. To achieve this, the team noted that it was building new Hubs from a new starting point using Unreal Engine 5.1, which shortens the workflow process and results in an impressive level of quality.

The latest update also revealed that Rocket Pond would be the next Hub to be unveiled, which the team promised will take users to new heights, literally and figuratively.


Last month, Shib The Metaverse was showcased at the SXSW Experience, an annual conference for creators in Texas, USA, where the project’s team gathered consumer feedback. The team’s presence at the event was centred around community building, increasing awareness of the SHIB -The Metaverse concept and establishing a feedback loop on the project. 

According to the team, by the end of 2023, users will be able to dabble with some areas of the Metaverse.

“While all development takes time, the MV team is confident that by the end of 2023, users will have the opportunity to explore some of the areas in this fantastic world, build, design, play, and develop within it.” The blog read, adding, “However, it should be noted that not all areas of the Metaverse will be fully completed as it is an ongoing project. The world will continuously evolve and develop, but there will be several optimized Hubs and all necessary tools for users to start building and creating.”

That said, the latest update on Shib’s metaverse is full of exciting developments that promise to provide users with endless possibilities and a possible run up to $0.001 SHIB price. It will thus be interesting to see how the project develops in the coming months, alongside other ecosystem updates such as Shibarium.