Ocean Protocol Token [OCEAN] Now Trading on Bittrex International Digital Asset Platform

Ocean Protocol Token [OCEAN] Now Trading on Bittrex International Digital Asset Platform

History was made on April 30, 2019, as Ocean Protocol token (OCEAN) IEO sold out 70% of its Ocean Token in under 5 minutes, with 56.4 million Ocean up on offer and grossing close to 7 million dollars.

The token will begin trading on Bittrex International on May 03 at 19:00 CEST/17:00 UTC and the token will be unlocked exactly two hours before listing on Bittrex International.

The Ocean Protocol, which is the first blockchain-based platform for safe borderless and private preserving data sharing is set to revolutionize how data is shared and also give privacy and autonomy utmost priority.

Safe and Secure Means of Sharing Data

Secure data sharing is one of the problems facing the average data user, medium organization and also big enterprises.

The objective of Ocean is to provide the individuals and corporate bodies a safe and secure means to share data so that the silos can be broken down to unlock the billions and trillions of dollars worth of data and the Artificial Intelligence economy.


Transparency and accountability are also critical issues plaguing the data sharing and Ocean Protocol is determined to face the problem through the introduction of blockchain technology into the system.

Ocean Protocol tends to connect data providers and consumers, thereby allowing data to be shared while guaranteeing a level of transparency, traceability and most importantly trust for all the stakeholders involved in the process.

Ocean Protocol is giving the data owner the freedom and choice they much desire, as it allows data owners to provide value to and have essential control over their data without being locked-in to any single market place.

The data sharing platform is also committed to kick-starting a new Data economy by bringing together decentralized blockchain, and a data sharing framework for data related services.

Mission and Vision

The vision of the ocean protocol is to be the platform that gave power back to the owner while working towards a transparent data sharing process. The OCEAN token is the native digital currency that will be used in the Ocean protocol network.

OCEAN will fuel data exchanges and services rendered in the ecosystem. Commenting on the success of the IEO, the founder of Ocean Protocol Bruce Pon stated that:

‘’We are excited to have met our target, we can now focus on building and ensuring that we continue to deliver our promises to our community and to kickstart a new Data Economy.”

To prove its mettle as a leader in the emerging data industry, Ocean protocol teamed up with startups and established firms to demonstrate that the safe sharing of data can boost both the small and the big establishments.

Aviva and Connected life are applying data analytics and artificial intelligence on smart home data to help the ageing population live a sound and happy life,while firms like Roche Diagnostics is helping patients on blood thinning therapy. Ocean protocol is bent on touching all facet of life by partnering with the academic industry,marketing and sales and other meaningful endeavors.l

More on Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is a data sharing platform that provides data owners with the right to determine who they share the data with.

The platform ensures transparency, traceability, and trust for all stakeholders involved.

Ocean Protocol is determining to give power back to data owners who have been deprived of the power for so long.

More on Bittrex International

Bittrex international operates a secure, reliable and advanced digital asset exchange.

The mission of the company is to be a driving force in the blockchain revolution, increasing adoption of this innovative technology around the world.

Media- Patty Lee

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