Ocean Protocol Announces Details of Their Borderless Data Sharing Platform On Bittrex

Ocean Protocol Announces Details of Their Borderless Data Sharing Platform On Bittrex

Future-facing borderless data sharing platform Ocean Protocol has announced details of their borderless, privacy-preserving data sharing platform and IEO on Bittrex, the process is expected to start on Tuesday, April 30th, 2019.

Safe and Secure Data Sharing

Security is one of the significant challenges facing internet users privacy and the ability to keep data and certain information anonymous are a major cry for most internet users, and as such blockchain companies are looking for ways to cut through this barrier.

In its bid to change the scenario and create a whole new user experience for its users, Ocean Protocol is taking the lead by using blockchain technology and smart contracts to enable the safe and secure sharing of data, thereby instilling confidence in the user that they can control their personal information.

The latest piece of technology by ocean protocol is so effective that it allows organizations to put value and control their data, while the smart contract gives the user the privilege to determine who should have access to their data and who they don’t want to share it with.

Ocean protocol is gladly supported by its non-profit Singapore based organization, Ocean Foundation.


Partnership with Bittrex IEO

To follow-up on their earlier ICO that generated $1,800,000, Ocean Protocol and Bittrex International have announced to the general public that an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) will be held on the digital asset exchange of Bittrex international, a platform that will allow participants to purchase the much-awaited OCEAN tokens.

To make sure that the IEO process is seamless and hitch-free, OCEAN has completed a rigorous evaluation process that included complete compliance with the regulatory bodies and review and adequate technical evaluation and compliance.

Commenting on the latest development, the founder of OCEAN protocol, Bruce Pon said:

‘’With Ocean Protocol, people with data can be connected with people who need data. This is the start of a new data economy and Ocean is the means to promote liquidity and ultimately a financial value for data.”

The IEO will officially start at 16:00 GMT/18:00 CEST on Tuesday, April 30th.

Bittrex users can also participate in the event using Bitcoin.

This latest development will be the first time that data powers and buyers will have a working model that ensures privacy, guarantees security and payment and also make sure that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

More on Ocean Protocol

Ocean protocol is a firm that is committed to kick-starting a new data economy that gives power to the data owners and as such create a world where people will be confident in the ownership of their precious data.

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