NYM CEO Recommends Meson Network to Edward Snowden at NYM Launch Afterparty

NYM CEO Recommends Meson Network to Edward Snowden at NYM Launch Afterparty

Harry Halpin, the CEO of NYM had introduced Meson Network as a decentralized mesh network-style bandwidth marketplace in a recent after-party held after the formal NYM launch event.

The statement came in response to a question asked by famous tech consultant Edward Snowden whom the NYM team had hosted at the NYM launch after-party which was sponsored by Meson.

Snowden had asked the team why there wasn’t a decentralized mesh network-style bandwidth marketplace, hence CEO Halpin tweeted about his response to Snowden’s curiosity where he recommended Meson Network as the decentralized mesh network-style bandwidth marketplace.

Halpin’s tweet reads;

“Tonight @Snowden asked us why there wasn’t a decentralized meshnet-style bandwidth market so we told him about @NetworkMeson!”


“Thanks Meson for sponsoring the afterparty, which has just kicked off,” he added while expressing his gratitude to Meson.

Mesh Network’s Impact on Web3

Mesh Network is a bandwidth marketplace that operates as the bottom-up paradigm in building the network infrastructure for Web3. Being a decentralized mesh network-style bandwidth marketplace, Meson Network is considered one of the growing innovations poised to greatly impact Web3 as it is focused on using blockchain technology to build a completely decentralized market and provide fully decentralized bandwidth services.

The network tends to impact the evolving generation of the internet, Web3 with more secure services, 100% availability, lower cost, decreased web3 server load, and compatibility with other decentralized networks.

It is interesting to note that Meson is deploying the potential to remediate the problems caused by the centralized bandwidth market in terms of personal information security, capital flow security, and enterprise data security.

Moreso, since there are more than 30,000 public network nodes with independent IPs of Meson Network distributed in multiple regions around the world, dCDNs have automatic server availability sensing mechanisms with instant user redirection. This guarantees a 100% availability experience for all Meson-based web3 applications. Meanwhile, periods of massive power outages, hardware issues, network issues, and the likes will neither affect its availability.

Furthermore, Meson Network’s bandwidth services also help users to eliminate the need to pay for expensive foreign hosts, helping them save a lot of money for their Web3 application.