Nuant prepares Q4 launch of first unified digital asset data, analytics, and portfolio intelligence platform

Nuant prepares Q4 launch of first unified digital asset data, analytics, and portfolio intelligence platform

Nuant, a Swiss-based digital assets data and analytics Fintech, is launching a new platform to solve a vital industry-wide portfolio management problem for institutional funds invested in digital assets.

As per the announcement, the new platform will mainly serve data fragmentation from exchange accounts, custodial wallets, on-chain wallets and data, and market data. The platform will provide a single unified hub for management, make accurate data-driven investment decisions, and monitor digital asset portfolios.

Commenting on the platform, Nuant’s Chief Revenue Officer Stuart Petersen explained: 

“For far too long, institutional professionals in the cryptocurrency space have been forced to rely on a patchwork of disparate platforms, data services, self-managed connectivity to their accounts and wallets, their own Excel sheets, formulas, and analytics to gain even the most basic understanding of the market value of a portfolio. Most funds have not even begun to think about the additional data, analytics, and tools required to actively manage portfolios and gain valuable insights that highlight risk and uncover opportunities in an operationally robust and cost-efficient manner. Nuant offers that unified platform to assess the risk and performance of all existing holdings and gain real-time actionable intelligence to drive future decisions.”

Nuant, through this new platform, seeks to provide funds access to accurate on-chain and market data, analytics, metrics, and compliance tools for all current holdings as well as potential new assets in a portfolio. All these will be accessible in one place and in real-time. Nuant’s target is digital asset portfolio managers, researchers, data scientists, and analysts.


Nuant’s co-founder & CEO, Rachid Ajaja, adds:

“Successful investment management starts with accurately understanding the market, its risks, and opportunities, where accurate data and intelligence play a crucial role. And unlike the traditional markets, the digital asset market has some very unique characteristics that require a very specialized lens to fully understand them. For example, the vast amount of data that is required to generate actionable alpha is very challenging to extract, process and leverage. Nuant offers the complete range of data, metrics, analytics, insights, and applications truly needed to identify risks and market opportunities.”

The platform is backed by a leadership team of finance, digital assets, technology, and quantitative research experts who joined forces in the Swiss Crypto Valley. Since its launch in March 2021, Nuant has developed several proprietary capabilities tailored to digital assets portfolio analytics. The platform now has its on-chain data and insights service, an analyze on-chain data and tool to examine specific wallets or token compliance, and a data query engine. 

Also, Nuant has developed its domain-specific language called Nunrt Query Language (NQL), designed to significantly reduce the time and code needed to execute custom queries and calls. As a result, clients can quickly build, backtest, prototype, stress test, and deploy their proprietary analytics and strategies while searching for their desired alpha.