NPInvestor Launches Crypto Brokerage, CPHCrypto, a New Product For Global Cryptocurrency Traders

NPInvestor Launches Crypto Brokerage, CPHCrypto, a New Product For Global Cryptocurrency Traders

After months of meticulous planning,, an online trading platform for trading, portfolio management, and asset management, has launched a new cryptocurrency brokerage product dubbed, CPHCrypto.

According to the company, CPHCrypto is a new Scandinavian deep discount broker for cryptocurrency traders. This is because it operates on the lowest fees available in the market. In addition, it offers traders a chance to choose between a fee of 0.04% per trade or an unlimited trading solution with a commission-free fixed monthly fee of only $39. Trader’s coin deposits are all insured.

“We have a background in the trading industry. In the old days, it was expensive to trade shares, FX, etc. but competition in those markets has now driven costs very low. We are seeing the same in trading crypto coins, where it is currently expensive to trade. Competition will eventually drive costs down, and we are proud to be on the frontline,” stated Martin Lykke from

With the cryptocurrency trading industry growing immensely despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, low trading fees will be a huge welcome for the industry.

“From a trader perspective, this is crucial. Not only are high costs killing traders’ profit, but it is also limiting their trading possibilities. Our set-up provides the trader with a lot of new trading strategies where you can profit from even small price movements. We are new in the crypto world so it is key for us that clients know they can trust us,” Lykke explained.


Not only is the brokerage offering low trading fees but also ensuring the customers’ coins are insured. “All client crypto deposits are insured on, so in the unlikely event of the company being hacked, clients deposits would not be affected,” the company wrote in the press release.

Worth noting, CPHCrypto is said to be registered with the Danish FCA in  accordance with the anti money laundering directive. This is meant to protect its customers from the unpredictable risks especially hackers within the cryptocurrency industry.

In a bid to market itself globally and also keep its customers engaged, CPHCrypto has an affiliate program where its users can earn a 25% lifetime commission on fixed trading fees for every successful referral.

With the increased competition in the cryptocurrency exchange industry, even the smallest tweak can put a company on a vantage point over its competitors.