Nominex and its fully ecosystem-integrated token are moving to phase 4 of DCO

Nominex Exchange offers bonuses of up to $2,000 and NO KYC on operations of up to 3BTC per day

The easiest way to enter the Blue Ocean world of Nominex is by participating in the hybrid token distribution model while the token price, which is steadily climbing, is still low (the price changes again on the 21st of July). 

Aiming to bring power to all people in accordance with Satoshi Nakamoto’s and Andreas Antonopoulos’s vision, a crypto exchange Nominex is about to enter the next stage of its DCO (In-Demand Coin Offering), a hybrid token distribution model that enhances IEOs in the same way IEOs replaced ICOs.

Nominex offers its users not just every instrument and instruction necessary to build and maintain a professional diversified portfolio of crypto assets and remain consistently profitable, but also an opportunity to make money on NMX tokens by buying them before the next, more expensive stage, begins while reaping the benefits NMX tokens offer in parallel.  

The second phase of distribution is currently open to join. 

In addition to all the current advantages of the system holders of NMX tokens get the following advantages: 

  • Decrease your trading fees by 50% while paying fees by NMX tokens
  • Decrease fees even more if you hold a certain amount of NMX tokens
  • Participate and win a prize in the daily giveaways
  • Maximize affiliate program rewards
  • Receive rewards based on NMX purchases of your affiliate structure
  • Get +10% to affiliate payouts in NMX. 

Thу urgent need to seize crypto trading right now, according to Nominex CEO Pavel Shkitin, is illustrated by the results displayed by adopters of Bitcoin gathering colossal fortunes, reputable figures like Tim Draper buying 30,000 Bitcoins at early stages, universally respected companies adopting the technology behind Bitcoin, and a wealth of predictions of rocketing prices for Bitcoin by companies like Pantera Capital, Robert Kyosaki, Crypto Research Report, and other analysts

In an interview with Forbes, Pavel points out his exchange “was specifically designed to fix everything banks broke”, referring to the devastating banking crisis of 2008, shortly after which cryptocurrency was created.

Nominex provides every conceivable way or earning used simultaneously such as, for example, demo tournaments, but also, more importantly, of learning. 

Demo tournaments provide a way for everyone to make serious real money with zero starting capital, which is what crypto was originally designed for, according to Nominex: complete equality of opportunity for all. 

There are a few remaining barriers to entry and global adoption to be dealt with, and the educational program is about removing another brick in the wall between the concentration camps of classical banking and unlimited opportunities crypto offers. 

One of the obstacles on the way to mass adoption of crypto and trading is the exceeding complexity of both of those topics. Nominex solves that problem by making crypto trading simple and even fun: 

“Statistics show that trends people are exhibiting are: searching for education, accessibility, saving, and fun. Banking’s Wolves of Wall Street also follow these trends so they can keep up and keep going.

My team is striving to make people’s dreams its priority: providing top-quality education, eliminating social inequality, and giving literally everyone equal access, including the unbanked. 

Tournaments allow making real money with no starting capital and no entrance requirements; unlike the banks, we are winning young people (who are the future) over with entertrading and dozens more revolutionary features. By lowering the entry threshold to 0, making it fun for young people, and keeping things ultra-secure and anonymous we’re bringing crypto to “every desk in every home.”

Pavel Shkitin, Nominex CEO 

To learn all about the next step in exchanges’ evolution that Nominex offers, familiarize yourself with the whitepaper here

About Nominex

Nominex is the next step in the evolution of exchanges around the world. It features a simple and intuitive trading platform both for new and advanced traders, registered in Seychelles and founded in 2019.