‘NFT Sniper Drop’ Introduces Calendar Feature for Viewing All Upcoming NFT Drops

'NFT Sniper Drop' Introduces Calendar Feature for Viewing All Upcoming NFT Drops

NFT Sniper Drop is aggregating all future announcements into one website. The platform hopes to make it easier for investors to gain insight into NFTs before they become popular and resultantly expensive.

Last year, DeFi ran the crypto market. This year, the NFT frenzy is rising and with it, are investors seeking satisfactory financial returns. Already, people are paying over $60 million to own a single NFT.

Getting an impressive return of investment (ROI) on NFTs is quite possible. However, getting financially worthwhile NFTs may require one to be on the lookout in all the places, all the time. The search is even more difficult for first-time NFT enthusiasts. NFT Sniper Drop comes in here, preventing users from missing out on such NFTs and many more.

NFT Sniper Drop brings with it an NFT Calendar feature where users can find out all about upcoming NFT projects and their drops.

“NFTs are hot, and it is hard to find all the upcoming ones with dates and all the necessary info. NFT Sniper Drop aims to give these projects more exposure,” from one of the NFT Sniper Drop developers.

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“We fix it with an NFT drops calendar, where you can directly add the drops you are interested in adding to your portfolio. Here, you will find some useful, basic info and main project links. To avoid being scammed, we have a review system that lets users give honest reviews,” he added.

NFT Sniper Drop is relatively new in the crypto space seeing as it launched only this month. However, within two weeks of its launch, the platform unveiled over 10 upcoming NFT drops on Twitter.

In the future, the platform intends to release an elaborate suite of Analysis Tools. With the feature, investors get access to in-depth information regarding previous NFT drops. Such information is useful as they venture into future NFT drops and releases.

Moreover, developers are planning on a soon-to-happen launch of the NFT Sniper Drop official website. The site will become the go-to place for all NFT enthusiasts globally. For now, the platform’s creators keep close contact with their audience and supporters via Discord and Twitter. In the latter, they have amassed 15.8K followers.