NFT Marketplace Sweet Integrates With Shopify Ecosystem

NFT Platform Sweet Integrates with Shopify Ecosystem

Sweet, an eco-friendly non-fungible token (NFT) platform that enables users to trade collectibles, has announced the integration of its network with the Shopify ecosystem. Consequently, global Sweet users can now leverage the vast Shopify ecosystem to trade their NFTs.

According to Tom Mizzone, CEO and founder of Sweet, the integration of the Sweet NFT platform to the Shopify ecosystem is a huge milestone achieved in the industry. Mizzone noted that NFT enthusiasts can now trade their collectibles using familiar avenues that have proved reliable over time.

To date, NFTs have been primarily sold through third-party crypto marketplaces, forcing brands to make the hard choice of directing consumers to an off-brand experience. Additionally, broader consumer bases want to buy and own NFTs but are confused by complex and intimidating blockchain wallet setup, and don’t know how to get started. Now anyone can get into the NFT game through the familiar Shopify checkout experience, furthering Sweet’s commitment to brand partners by prioritizing the consumer experience,” Mizzone indicated.

According to Ken Ellis, CTO of Sweet, the NFT industry can transform the artwork industry, and now has been taken to the next level through Sweet-Shopify integration.

“Imagine randomizing and bundling digital assets with t-shirts, vinyl albums, sneaker drops, and more. Now imagine gamifying the merch store by hiding Willy-Wonka style golden ticket NFTs in the bundles, surprising and delighting consumers with one-of-a-kind experiences. Not only can brands use Sweet’s technology to create engaging consumer experiences, drive sales, and drive profit margins, but the NFT can serve as a cryptographically secure digital certificate of authenticity. The NFTs are publicly verifiable and can’t be counterfeited, and packaging them with physical goods also ensures the authenticity of those goods,” Ellis explained.


By enabling artists to mint their artwork across multiple blockchains, Sweet anticipates attracting more users to its marketplace. Moreover, the integration of the Shopify marketplace will significantly help in onboarding more customers into the NFT market.

The NFT industry has played a key role in the cryptocurrency bull market, especially during the first quarter of 2021. During the first quarter, the NFT industry scaled to around $2 billion. Further, the industry is expected to grow as institutional and private investors build platforms to enable the NFT industry to prosper in the future.

Competition is notably high in the digital artwork industry. Sweet NFT marketplace anticipates winning more markets with the Shopify ecosystem’s integration.