Real Research Is Changing How Surveys Are Done, Thanks To Blockchain Technology

Real Research Is Changing How Surveys Are Done, Thanks To Blockchain Technology

Real Research, a survey platform based on blockchain technology, is now offering new survey opportunities for users within the blockchain space.

As per the announcement, the platform operated by TNC IT Group recently integrated a blockchain-based private survey feature. These new features allow users to conduct or create unique surveys of their own and choose who can participate.

Anyone can be a user (sponsor) and a respondent in their portal. The platform has invited everyone to try out the new research gathering application. According to Real Research, these new features will deliver reliable and fast results for collecting the data. Real Research users can create a variety of surveys, from informal surveys to professional research surveys.

Notably, the platform has successfully conducted various surveys, which were delivered in the shortest time possible. The speedy delivery has helped sponsors and the Real Research team conduct a survey for 3000 participants within minutes. A survey for 200,000 participants reached their target within 24 hours. 

Sponsors have access to a large number of respondents from the Real Research community. Currently, Real Research hosts over 2.5 million users from 187 countries. All these users can access these services from both Android and iOS versions.


Initially, institutions and other research facilities were required to seek third-party companies to conduct surveys on their behalf. Real Research cuts out the middleman, allowing these facilities to get fast and reliable data at a reduced cost.

All seeking to be part of the participant segmentation must apply through the Real Research Know Your Customer (KYC) levels and complete all nine levels. 

In addition, the Real Research team also explained that the project bridges the gap between data gatherers and survey participants. In the past, the team pointed out that polling and survey services were only available to large corporations, governments, media houses, and politicians. However, Real Research is making it possible for literally anyone to conduct surveys and related services.

Since their operations are based on blockchain, Real Research has a reliable system safe from any hacks or cyber manipulation. The team explained:

“With the power of blockchain, Real Research is safe from any kind of hacking or data manipulation. It is also safe from personal information leakages, allowing Real Research to offer a reliable platform to both sponsors and respondents.”