NEXTYPE Launches Next Generation Gameverse REBORN

NEXTYPE Launches Next Generation Gameverse REBORN

A new game called REBORN is out to outline the early shape of the Web3 games. The game was launched by NEXTYPE, one of the world’s leading blockchain game-integrated distribution platforms. The platform focuses on the development of native GameFi products, NFTFi products, and the GameFi incubator.

REBORN Whitelist BetaTest held so many positive comments from its whitelist players that the game is expected to lead the trend of strategy GameFi games. It also saw a prize pool with 400,000 NT offered to the players as the game launched with the maximum reward for 1 player being up to 200,000 NT.

The game REBORN is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Heco networks. It has unique prominent features of strategy, plot, and scripts with a large number of NFT assets with different features. Additionally, the gameplay is structured with an easy and simple user-friendly interface for beginners.

As part of the game’s strategy, REBORN uses a person’s life as the main storyline. Players need to choose three given talents and allocate points for character attributes before a game starts. There are six character attributes which include intelligence, family, charm, delight, and age. The number of points in an attribute affects a player’s event experience in a game which also determines a gamers survival.

Once the game commences, the player reaches life nodes of 30, 60, 90 years, or even higher life nodes. At the end of the game, the system offers a player option, namely, End the game to claim the reward, or Continue, and Mint NFT life node cards. A player gets Nextype Token (NT) rewards in the pool which corresponds to his age and may even get NFT talent card rewards. The NFT talent card reward is highly dependent on the time spent and survival rate of a player.


While playing REBORN, a gamer’s charm lies in the strategy and motivation, and experience brought by the game. There are also some strategies players make at life nodes. These choices will help players maximize benefits at the right age. Gamers can additionally raise their interest and experience in the game through strategy and gambling and gain revenue at the same time.

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