Next-Gen Social Platform Unveils its Competitive-Featured Platform

Next-Gen Social Platform Unveils its Competitive-Featured Platform

As the world grappled with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic at the beginning of the year, seamless opportunities emerged with the change of lifestyle. Notably, as more people spent more time at their home due to social distancing rules, social media companies have played a huge role in connecting families and friends all over the world.

However, although the current social media companies have dominated the global market, they have not brought a one-stop platform for their users.

A new next-generation social media platform,, dubbed as a one-stop platform has unveiled a customer-oriented platform.

The mega-app allows users to go live, share stories, create channels, transfer money, chat with other users, create videos and photos with special effects, video and audio calls and also purchase products with Omni tokens.

These never seen before features are set to put the social media platform on a vantage point to compete with existing and established companies like Facebook Inc. and its subsidiaries including Instagram, and Whatsapp, TikTok – the viral short video sharing app, and also Telegram.


Omni users will be able to earn Omni coins as they interact with fellow users. The coins can be used to purchase products from in-house stores.

Hereby making the Omni platform not only a next generational app but also a vital tool to have during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, the Omni tokens can be sold back to the company, which greatly benefit from increased system activity.

“The first system that truly gamifies the delivery of crypto will rocket to exponential growth, upending the current system for good. That will set the initial playing field dynamically and allow players who never would have gotten into the game to compete. The more people who can participate, the more efficient and valuable the network becomes,” stated Daniel Jeffries.

According to the company, as the platform sees heightened activity, it will become a favorable platform where advertisers can rely on to reach out to customers globally.

As a result, the company raises more profits which dictates an increase in the reward system.

The Omni token will be shared according to a stipulated formula, whereby 60% will go to the ecosystem, 15% to the Omni team, 10% to marketing, 10% to the foundation, 3% to its technology partners, and 2% to its seed investors.

Omni platform has tapped into most of the human greatest desires, hence an irresistible social media outlet. Recent neuroscience has revealed that our dopamine system works to keep us searching through desire. The hunt itself is rewarding, and it explains why so many of our favorite mobile apps and social networks are so addictive,” said Sheana Ahlqvis.