New NFT-Backed Protocol Will List on Uniswap with Enormous Token Burn in November

Early Retirement Potential Investment Opportunities in Uniglo (GLO), Basic Attention (BAT), and THORChain (RUNE)

Once in a while, there are possibilities in the crypto space that can radically alter dynamics. Combine a small market cap with an excellent value proposition, and you have a certified crypto gem.

One such gem is Uniglo. The protocol gears up to list on Uniswap, and the announcement of an enormous token burn in November makes this protocol an easy yield exercise.

Uniglo delivers a store of value to the crypto space. It achieves this through asset ownership and scarcity principles: Uniglo introduces the digital asset standard. The vault’s contents value-back GLO tokens; most excitingly, the protocol will hold NFTs. Uniglo positions itself ahead of the trend that will power the next bull run: asset tokenization.

The Uniglo vault stores gold, fine art, and real estate, all in NFT format. Uniglo grants investors access to stores of value typically outside their reach and, historically, some of the best-performing assets and does all of this on-chain. Uniglo has the first-mover advantage, deflationary tokenomics, and now the upcoming burn makes this token a formidable crypto. Business2Community even listed Uniglo as one of 2022’s best projects.


Uniswap led the way forward for decentralized exchanges and became the blueprint. It introduced the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, enabling permissionless swapping by traders interacting with liquidity pools. Uniswap has grown into a liquidity giant and continues to grow. It represents the starting point for most successful DeFi protocols and will host Uniglo in the coming weeks. Many UNI holders have already participated in Uniglo’s presale frontrunning the burn event.


Closing Thoughts

Uniglo has massive potential and looks ready to disrupt the DeFi hierarchy. The team has telegraphed their burn announcement, setting up an easy play for investors.

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