NetFlowCoin and UC Berkeley partner on blockchain and Web3 research

NetFlowCoin and UC Berkeley partner on blockchain and Web3 research

Berkeley Defi Research Initiative and NetFlowCoin have established an industrial alliance to jointly develop innovative blockchain technology and Web 3.0 application solutions, leveraging the robust blockchain community and deep experience of UC Berkeley researchers and students.

UC Berkeley has been a pioneering institution in the development of blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies. NetFlowCoin will provide its network validators and engineering resources to create a NetFlowCoin witness node at Berkeley as part of this new cooperation. Berkeley Defi Research Initiative will fund cutting-edge research topics based on the NetFlowCoin network, as well as Berkeley students who want to use NetFlowCoin’s capabilities in their research projects.

While the initial phase of the relationship is underway, NetFlowCoin has stated its intention to strengthen its academic outreach program at Berkeley.

NetFlowCoin has designed a platform that allows users to exchange, store, and stream data in a completely decentralized environment while rewarding contributors in the process, with the goal of becoming an integral component of the rapidly emerging Web 3.0 infrastructure.

The NetFlowCoin ecosystem is made up of three components: blockchain, SDVN, and DAPPS. Each section adds to the overall value of the room.


Users can buy NetFlowCoins and use them to pay for a range of services on the network, including data storage, accessing and streaming video content, and using DAPPS.

Users can also become miners by sharing their storage space and media content with other users in exchange for NetFlowCoins.

The platform will function as a globally dispersed network capable of supporting metaverse-specific applications. Developers can use the NetFlowCoin network to host their GameFi, SocialFi, and DeFi applications.

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