Muhammad Ali Enterprises partners with Ethernity Chain to eternalize Ali’s legacy in the blockchain

Muhammad Ali Enterprises partners with Ethernity Chain to eternalize Ali’s legacy in the blockchain

Muhammad Ali Enterprises has joined forces with Ethernity Chain, a top-rated philanthropy blockchain platform to eternally secure the legend’s legacy in the blockchain.

According to a recent Press Release, Mohammed Ali’s Enterprise being powered by its initial partnership with Ethernity Chain will further partner with a leading digital sculptor in the NFT space, Raf Grassetti, in a bid to accomplish the aforementioned goal.

The venture into the NFT space is undoubtedly a push-forward tool to the system considering Ali’s high recognition across cultures and nations of the world. 

In the tale of the sports and civil world, Ali has created most of the legendary moments amongst other athletes of the previous century. Thus, he has emerged as one of the most influential athletes and humanitarians ever known.

The legend continues to inspire current influential athletes, artists, musicians, and humanitarians all around the globe, artist Raf Grassetti affirmed this while expressing his delights in the partnership.


Grassetti’s comments reads;

“Ali inspired me in my personal and professional life as he did to most of us. It’s an honor and privilege to use my craft and work with new technologies to celebrate his life and create this collection to help us remember the greatest of all time.”

A Naturally Fit Partnership With Mutual Goals

It is interesting that Muhammad Ali’s philanthropic goals tally with that of Ethernity Chain as the blockchain platform is a groundbreaking authenticated NFT project that is efficiently focused on charity.

As such, the Ethernity chain will serve as a suitable and perfect partner for Muhammed Ali Enterprises to achieve and sustain its philanthropic objectives within the NFT space.

Nick Rose, the Founder, and CEO at Ethernity Chain professed to be excited over the partnership.

“We are thrilled to partner with Muhammad Ali Enterprises and Raf Grassetti on The Muhammad Ali Collection,” she said.

Furthermore, Ros confirmed the mutual goals of the counterparts, saying;

“Muhammad Ali had a lifelong mission to help those in need, and our mission at Ethernity is to focus on charitable causes with our groundbreaking projects, making this partnership a natural fit.”

Per the announcement, the auction is set to commence on May 1 at noon EDT. A portion of the proceeds will therefore be donated to The Muhammad Ali Center.