Much Has Been Said About The Men In The Crypto Space, But Who Are The Women?


Like many things which have to do with technology, Men have always been mentioned in everything that has to do with cryptocurrencies.

The women who make the crypto space what it is, deserve so much more than they have been getting in terms of mentions.

So, here they are!

Tiffany Hayden

Tiffany Hayden

As Co-founder of Casheer Inc, which is a mobile processing platform, Mum and blockchain adviser, Tiffany is one of those people who are passionate about making the world a better place.



Tiffany has also made many to become true believers in Bitcoin and the crypto space. with her massive following on her blog and twitter.

Even a six-year-old can grab what she says at once!

Linda Xie

Linda is the Co-Founder of Scaler Capital which is an investment management company which specializes in the management of crypto assets.

Linda Xie

Linda is one of those focused individuals who have made significant commitments towards making sure that adoption of cryptocurrencies happens.

From her work with crypto compliance to Coinbase, Linda’s dedication to the crypto space has been phenomenal.

Toni Lane Casserly

Toni Lane Casserly

Toni is best known for being the Co-Founder of CoinTelegraph.

She has made her own mark in the crypto space and needs no introduction to anyone who is that serious about cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech.

Only one thing can perfectly describe her: She is the superwoman of crypto!

Cherie Aimee

Cherie is a real-life heroine who has turned her life into an experience that many can only at best dream about.

Cherie Aimee

What makes Cheries’ life interesting is that her passion and enthusiasm for life has flowed into the crypto space.

So much so that she is the Vice President Community Management of Shipchain which is an organization that brings blockchain technology to logistics and transportation.

Her passion is well known in the speaking circuits and she is one of those people who has changed many.

Even Forbes seems to think so!

She’s been featured there!

There are so many women who make the crypto space to be what it is.

To them all: Thank You!

Who are the women in Crypto that you know about? Talk about them in the comments below.

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