Walmart Goes the Same Way Facebook did with Libra but may get a different result. Here’s why

Ripple Mobilizes For War As Facebook Unveils Its Cryptocurrency, Libra

Recently, Facebook one of the biggest guns in technology decided to create its cryptocurrency: Libra.

The US Government was up in arms about it.

Mark Zuckerberg and his team of geniuses at Facebook Headquarters had one simple goal in mind when they dreamt of the Libra project: Global Control.

With databases of Several Billion people under its control, the geniuses at Facebook thought it would be a great idea for them to “monetize their information”.

How that plays out remains to be seen.


Enter Walmart

Walmart, being the biggest retailer in North America also is looking for a way to create its cryptocurrency token.

Having had its success in its hyperledger experiment, decided to apply for its cryptocurrency patent.

Tying it to the US dollar was a smart move.

This indicates that Walmart’s proposed token will operate very much like Tether.

The Implications

Well, Walmart in its way does dominate the retail market in the United States.

Dominating the financial aspect of retail might not be such a good idea for retail financial institutions.

This will attract a lot of opposition from liberals and activists; especially those in congress.

On the whole though, after squabbles here and there approval will be granted on a limited basis.

This is due to the publics general bias against new tech.

Why Walmart is Getting Right.

The guys at Facebook shot their guns way too early.

This allowed them to be smacked around right, left and center by everyone including President Trump!

They wanted the global implementation of Libra.

They thought they would get it.

They just might, but not without a lot of scrutinies!

For now, though, let’s see what comes next!

What do you think? Will Walmart’s cryptocurrency token succeed?

Please let us know in the comments!